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For twenty years as designers, architects and property developers we have been asked to be the arbiters of space, entrusted to create interiors that enhance lifestyle and promote wellbeing. We learned how a space can be born, corrupted and revitalised, how energy and light ebbs and flows and how it can be cajoled to mediate mood and amplify vitality. 

During this time, we’ve admired materials, exalted surfaces, cherished patterns, colours and shades; we’ve fallen in love, countless times, with the many things that enhance our homes, with craftsmanship and artistry, the mastery of artisans, the dexterity of cabinet-makers and glass etchers and the virtuosity of embroiderers, enamellers and gilders. 

The Design Buzz is a celebration of the companies, characters and passions that bring these wonders to our homes and our lives – on one platform we represent them, promote them, tell our stories and theirs, we offer their products and services as well as our own. 

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Interview With Hommes Studio

Interview With Hommes Studio

On this episode of The Buzz, Charles Stephenson has an interesting chat with Micael Carvalho and Joana Santos of Hommes Studio, which is a brand k...

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