Five Contemporary Lounge Design Ideas 2021

A contemporary look encompasses fresh, forward-thinking designs and cutting-edge styles, which makes it perfect for lounges and living rooms. It’s here that you’ll spend the majority of your time when you’re at home, so it’s well worth investing a little more time and attention in your interior design.

While many people assume contemporary styling is all about minimalism and clean lines, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact. A contemporary lounge design can simply involve incorporating new ideas and trends into more traditional styles. Indeed, it’s this versatility that makes contemporary interior design an excellent choice for your main living environment. For inspiration, take a look at these five contemporary lounge ideas and start planning your interior design update now:

Contemporary Colours

White is an obvious choice when it comes to designing contemporary living spaces, but it needn’t be your go-to colour. If you want to create a calming and tranquil environment with neutral tones, consider grey as your central colour in a contemporary living room. Alternatively, for a more dramatic visual, choose deep, dark colours, like inky blues or rich burgundies.

Perhaps most significantly, a contemporary lounge should use colour to create contrast. With cream, yellow or blue upholstery, this Scille Chair by Hommes Studio can add a vibrant contrast to darker colours, for example. Alternatively, you can pair bolder shades and chic designs, such as the Hommes Studio Bombom Stool or the Giulia Velvet Sofa in Red or Gold, with lighter surroundings to add contrast and definition to your design. 

                                           Bombom Stool By The Hommes Studio

Magnificent Metallics

Metallic accessories and detailing are an excellent choice if you want to enjoy a modern, contemporary lounge. Metallic features typically offer the stark lines that’s often associated with contemporary designs but can be softened to create a more comforting feel.

Look out for pieces that incorporate metallic elements, like the Hommes Studio Locco side table or this Lyndon Aged Brass 4 Light Pendant by Hudson Valley Lighting. With metallic finishes and modern styling, they’re ideal as part of your contemporary lounge design.

                                    4 Light Pendant By The Hudson Valley Lighting Collection

Indulge in Industrial Design

If you’re looking for a modern interior design that combines form and function, an industrial-style could be the perfect choice. Inspired by the regeneration and rejuvenation of old, industrial buildings, this is a design that never fails to feel uber-cool and modern. No matter what style of property you own or how many traditional features it houses, industrial interior design will bring your home up to date.

Characterised by exposed stone and brickwork, raw materials, such as metal and wood, and even exposed beams and ducts, industrial styling can be adapted to suit any environment. The use of rustic or commercial materials, including concrete, steel, and reclaimed wood, is undoubtedly a contemporary lounge design, which makes it ideal for forward-thinking homeowners who want to put a modern spin on their interiors.

To give your industrial lounge a more homely feel, use multiple textures, distressed leather and colours with warm undertones. This will soften the impact of an industrial theme and give your lounge a welcoming and embracing feel.

If you’re currently working from home and transforming your living environment into a multi-functional space, industrial design is a great way to maximise the functionality of your lounge, while still retaining an undeniably luxurious atmosphere.

Luxury Lighting

Lighting is a key element in any room and, if you do it right, it can bring your interior design together to complete the look. Modern options from the Hudson Valley Lighting collection are the ideal way to illuminate a contemporary lounge design. With the Glendale 9 Light Pendant or the Coltrane Polished Nickel 8 Light Pendant, you can incorporate metallic elements into your styling and echo the metals used in industrial interior design.

When you’re creating a contemporary lounge design, it’s easy to focus solely on bright lights and cool tones. However, it’s important to think about how you want to use your living space. While brighter illumination may be perfect for working at home, you may want softer options for when you’re relaxing, entertaining friends or settling down in front of a box set.

By using layered lighting, you can ensure that your lounge is filled with a range of illumination options that can be adjusted at any time. The Hudson Valley Lighting Polished Nickel LED Wall Sconce features contemporary design, for example, while providing softer lighting and unobtrusive aesthetics.

                          Glendale 9 Light Pendant By The Hudson Valley Lighting Collection

Fabulous Focal Points

Many designers embrace contemporary styles because they veer towards clean, crisp lines and a minimalist feel. This gives you a great opportunity to draw the eye with impressive focal points. Statement furniture from the Hommes Studio collection, such as the Odonto Centre Table in Polished Marble or the Cadiz Console Table in Tulip Wood, acts as the ultimate feature in a contemporary living space and enables you to combine form and function in accordance with the principles of modern styling.

Without a focal point, any room can feel lacklustre, so take the time to find the right statement piece for the space. In many cases, creating your contemporary lounge design around your preferred focal point is the most effective way of maximising its impact.

However, do be wary about overcrowding if you want to update the space with contemporary lounge ideas. Modern styling veers away from excess décor and prioritises subtlety and space instead.

If you’re going to feature exposed brickwork as part of an industrial design, for example, don’t place a statement sofa directly in front of it, as the two elements will compete for attention. Instead, place the statement piece closer to the centre of the room or closer to an alternative wall, so that each element gets the attention it deserves.

                                        Table In Tulip Wood By The Hommes Studio

Embracing Contemporary Lounge Ideas

Contemporary styles are highly versatile and easy to customise, which means you can use them to create a totally bespoke living environment. By fusing different ideas together, you can cultivate a fresh, on-trend living space that’s perfect for modern-day living.