Q & A With Alexia Mintsouli of Alex Mint

Handmade Marble Tables & Artisan Accessories

The name behind the brand is Alexia Mintsouli, a highly sought after and respected Designer and Architect. Alexia uses her skill and eye for design to craft some extraordinary contemporary design pieces. Alexia has a natural talent for marble influenced designs. One of her key philosophies is to combine unique ideas with her background in marble design as well as her advanced technical knowledge in architecture and interior design. Specialising in high end furniture and accessories, Alexia’s work is some of the best that you can find.

Many of her influences in design are drawn from her expertise in marble design and her love for architecture. Alexia grew up in a marble factory and these influences stay with her in much of her work to this day. Designing is something that Alexia excels in and her roots in marble design allow her to create decorative design items that look incredible in any setting. Her work has been recognised in the industry and she has collaborated with some leading interior designers in Miami, Paris, Mallorca and London to name a few.

Zeus Table By Alex Mint

Alexia’s design work began during her education in Architecture where she began designing collections for her parents marble factory. This included a range of decorative tiles in a variety of colours and patterns. Upon graduation, Alexia discovered her interest in Architecture as well as interior and furniture design, so she decided to combine the two. After a couple of years in Architecture she decided to pursue her love and talent for product design and explore this area further.

Her design career continued to thrive, and she became a well-known and respected figure in the industry. Taking her influences from her background in the marble industry, she began to combine marble with different materials such as wood to create some timeless, luxury pieces. Every piece that Alexia produces is completely unique, and she draws inspiration from a number of different places, and she loves combining materials, influences, colours, textures and styles exploring a whole world of creative ideas.

Alex Mint Chimney

The company now operates within a modern and fully equipped studio employing specialist workers from the local community. Each product is handmade to order so exact specifications can be accommodated. The company is also committed to being as environmentally friendly as possible using eco-friendly products and locally sourced materials.

How did Alex Mint start?

During my Architecture education, I started designing some collections for my parents’ marble-factory, mainly decorative tiles using a mixture of colours and patterns. After graduating, I realised that it was necessary for me to combine Architecture with interior and furniture design. After a couple of years working as an architect, I felt that product design was something that I needed to explore.

What attracts you to using marble and stone?

I was, quite literally, born into the marble business. My family-owned marble factory, where I took my first steps was when I first realised the beauty of stone-working. The transfiguration of this common, yet timeless, material resonated with me.

We would love to know how your tables and other pieces are made, what is the process behind the craft?

Marble and stone collected from all over the world and combined carefully with timber and metal details are the main materials featured, with the marble to stand as the brand’s main material used for the new range of tables launched in 2018. Every product is a result of a handmade process and every piece is unique. Everything starts from the selection of the perfect raw material.

Where do you draw inspiration from for the designs?

Inspiration can be found everywhere. In vacations by the sea or in a stressful urban environment. There is a moment in the design process where the idea comes to your mind. It can be anything. An unusual material, a combination of colours, a view, a texture or even a conversation with a friend.

What is the most unusual commission or collaboration you have worked on?

In 2019 Alexia collaborated with the firm Draenert (www.draenert.de) as a designer of the new product the company launched in 2020 at the Cologne exhibition. The product “Kallisto” is available to buy on Alex Mint’s website as well.

What is the most exciting part of the design and making process?

The most exciting part is after the conception of the main idea when the process of realisation starts - production. Materials, combinations, textures, technical issues... a whole world of creativeness.

What sustainable aspects are there to your company?

The production of the goods is made by her family business factory in a small city in Greece which has around 20 years of experience. The company owns a modern and fully equipped unit with specialized workers from the local community. All products are mainly handmade and made to order. All the other parts of the products (except marble work) are made in collaboration with Greek craftsmen to empower small local businesses.

Furthermore, the company tries to follow, to the most feasible extent, the ecological guidelines like less water consumption (water recycling system), using eco-friendly production products (water-based varnishes), using local materials (many stones in the collection are Greek) to eliminate the energy consumption that goes into transportation.

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