Anvari Design's Top 10 Design Favourites

Here at The Design Buzz, we’re all about finding and selling the most beautiful interior design products, but we also love learning about what inspires the world’s top designers. That’s why we’ve asked some of them to take a look at our shop and select their favourite items.

In this video, we see the products selected by Parinaz Nia of Anvari Design. If you want to learn more about these items, click the links below to access the product pages, where you can also place an order. 

1. Panorama Rug in Wool & Silk - The texture, colour, and shape of this unique rug caught Parinaz’s attention. 

2. Cadiz Console Table in Tulip Wood - Parinaz recommends this table when you want to transform a corridor or lobby.

3. Marshmallow Bar Stool - Parinaz absolutely loves this stool’s colour and shape.

4. Hinsdale Aged Brass 7 Light Island  - Because of its eye-catching appearance, Parinaz views this as an elegant statement piece. 

5. Vonkli Sofa Velvet Upholstered - Parinaz doesn’t think anyone would forget sitting on this unique sofa.

6. Niagara Marble Round Side Table - The richness of this table is what made it stand out to Parinaz.

7. Kara Bed Velvet Upholstered - Parinaz likes that this bed is stylish yet compact.

8. Gabriela Wall Lamp - According to Parinaz, this piece can add a lovely gold accent to any space. 

9. Luminous Floor Lamp Marble Base - This floor lamp isn’t just elegant and timeless, it also reminds Parinaz of a pair of earrings she loves.

10. Cris Wall Clock - Because Parinaz views this product as a piece of art, she had to include it on her list of favourites. 

11. Jasmine Swivel Armchair - Parinaz thinks this chair is perfect because it’s soft, comfortable, and the right size.

If you’re interested in any of these items, or you want to see what else is available in our shop, head over to The Design Buzz. Once there, you can place an order to enhance your home with some of the world’s most attractive décor and furnishings.