Arm Chair ideas

Seating is essential in almost every room, but you needn’t focus solely on function just because something is a necessity. Instead, you can choose purposeful furniture and home accessories that are inherently stylish to create a truly spectacular interior.

Armchairs, in particular, can make a room feel more comfortable and cosier, as well as providing a sense of warmth and tranquillity. In living areas, bedrooms or even in a nook on a hallway, an armchair can encourage you to take life at a slower pace and treat yourself to some time to unwind and re-energise.

In addition to this, arm chairs design can elevate your interior and add the finishing touch to a room design. Whether you’re creating a classic or contemporary interior, you’ll find fantastic arm chair ideas to elevate the space. To get started, take a look at our top tips for incorporating armchairs into your interior and find out how a feature arm chair can change a room:

1. Form vs Function

Home interior design incorporates both purely decorative pieces with the functional, purposeful items we need to undertake day-to-day tasks. There are some items, such as armchairs, that can be either solely decorative pieces or artistic creations that embody both exquisite design and supreme function.

Before you choose statement armchairs for your home, you’ll need to decide exactly which type of design you’re looking for. Do you want arm chairs designs that will scoop you up and envelop you after a long day at work or an armchair that’s created predominantly for its visual appeal? Both are viable options in any home, but the distinction is an important one.

Once you know how you’ll be using your chair, or if you’ll be using it at all, you’ll be able to begin exploring armchair ideas and finding the perfect piece for your interior.

Slice Pattern Armchair in Tweed & Velvet by Behspoke

2. Style and Shape

Any furniture contributes to the overall design of a room, so don’t underestimate how important arm chairs design is. For most people, it’s the appearance of an armchair that will first appeal to them, so make this a top priority.

The style and shape of the chair should complement your interior. Think mahogany wood and silk detailing in Empire style rooms, smooth lines and organic shapes in spaces inspired by Art Nouveau, simplicity, and clean lines to reinforce contemporary interior design, and ornate carvings and decadent fabrics in rooms celebrating Baroque style.

The clean, modern lines of the Julius Armchair by Duistt work exceedingly well in contemporary spaces, for example, with discreet detailing in the form of bronze renaissance studs adding subtle glamour.

Julius Armchair by Duistt

3. Fabric and Texture

The armchair design you choose will add visual texture to its intended space, so bear this in mind when you’re selecting fabric and upholstery. The soft sheepskin upholstery of the Coronum Armchair in White and Gold by Scarlet Splendour or the rich, decadent velvet of the Rock Chair by Royal Stranger exude luxury and add visual weight to a room via their fabrics, for example.

Conversely, the minimal use of fabric in the Allingham Armchair in Black Leather by Christian Watson or the simplicity of the tufted faux leather on the Cult Armchair in White from Coleccion Alexandra, minimises the amount of visual weight while retaining the impactful appearance that a statement armchair should provide.

When you’re deciding which armchair design to use, it’s worth taking practical considerations into account, particularly if your armchair is going to be used regularly, rather than being for decorative purposes only. Hardwearing, stain-resistant fabrics are best suited to lively family homes, for example, while choosing an ‘easy-to-clean, hard-to-damage’ material might be a top priority for some!

Allingham Armchair Black Leather by Christian Watson

4. Size and Space

Statement armchairs can be big and bold – but they don’t have to be. If you want to make an impact and you have the space available, an oversized or large armchair can work well as a focal point. By using statement armchairs to draw the eye and anchor the room, you can bring your interior design together using just a single piece of furniture.

However, don’t shy away from incorporating statement armchairs into your interiors when you’re working with a smaller space. More compact styles, like the Cobra L Luxury Armchair from Coleccion Alexandra or the Oscar Armchair by Duistt, allow you to incorporate statement armchairs in virtually any space. In fact, these compact yet luxurious chairs work as well as on landings and in bedrooms as they do in living areas.

Oscar Armchair by Duistt

5.  Practicality and Mobility

The furniture that fills your home needs to support your lifestyle, which means that practicality is always an important element when redesigning the space. An oversized statement armchair might look sensational in a vast, empty space, but will it be allowed to shine in a busy living space where multiple seating options are required? Similarly, an award-winning, design-forward piece might break new ground, but will it provide the comfort you’re looking for when choosing everyday seating for your home?

When you factor practicality into your interior design decision-making, you can ensure that the furniture you choose feels as good as it looks and that it’s an asset in day-to-day life. One critical factor when it comes to seating is whether it needs to be easy to move.

If you regularly rearrange the furniture in your living space or you shift the seating arrangements to cater for gatherings, lightweight armchairs that are big on style and small on size might be your best option. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a statement armchair that will take pride of place and rarely need to be moved, then mobility needn’t be a major issue.

Allingham Armchair Tan Leather by Christian Watson

Incorporating Armchair Ideas into Interior Design

If you want a space to be functional, useable, and exquisitely designed, an armchair is a versatile piece of furniture that can help you to fulfil your aims. It instantly makes a space feel more welcoming and can turn overlooked areas of the home, such as landings and hallways, into an inviting place to relax. By using armchair ideas to enhance your interiors, you’ll find it easy to create a stylish, statement design that bends to your will.