Autumnal Colours for Interior Design

Colour is a critical element in interior design. From cool, calming hues to fiery, invigorating shades, you can change the whole dynamic of a room with the colours you use. When you want to keep a space feeling fresh and up to date, seasonal interior design gives you the opportunity to reflect on the changing times and embrace new shades.

With an autumn interior design theme, for example, you can use the season’s colours to enrich your home or add warmth to your workspace. For inspiration, take a look at these season’s autumnal colours and find out how to use them for maximum effect:

1. Marine Green

A mix of green and cyan, marine green is an enveloping colour that works well in a variety of interior design styles. From traditional dining rooms to contemporary living spaces, you can incorporate marine green into virtually any space and this style of season interior design to elevate any room.

Marine green adds depth and warmth, which makes it perfect for blustery autumn and cool winter. Use it in larger spaces to create a feeling of intimacy or in smaller rooms if you want to enjoy an autumnal retreat.

Intersecting between teal and navy, marine green is a dark and dramatic shade, so be sure to balance it out with brighter accessories. Metals, like stainless steel, chrome, and bronze, work well with darker colours, while glass adds lightness and translucence that will uplift the space.

Stella Rugs Medium Premium Wool by Scarlet Splendour

2. Burnt Orange

An ideal colour for autumn, burnt orange embodies this time of year. As a medium-dark shade, burnt orange is an earthy tone that straddles the line between muted and intense. While it’s certainly not a neutral, it’s not typically a bold, vibrant shade either, which makes it easy to use when you want to create a relaxing, calm space for autumn.

For a darker palette, burnt orange goes well with dark blues and greys but if you want to create a more vibrant setting, consider pairing burnt orange with mint or mustard yellow. As well as using burnt orange as a muted background colour or on a bold feature wall, you can use it as an accent colour to add an autumnal feel to any space.

The Oh So Sisco Burnt Orange Rug by Matthew Williamson is an excellent example of how deep burnt orange can be easily incorporated into your existing interior design, while the Ajui Armchair Velvet Upholstered in velvet by Hommes Studio is a great piece of statement furniture to update your season interior design. Alternatively, add texture and colour to your autumnal interior design with the Bunaii Cushion Cover by Kam Ce Kam or the Monkey Iron Printed Velvet Cushion from the ACH Collection.

Ajui Armchair Velvet Upholstered by Hommes Studio

3. Dusty Pink

If you want to ensure your home is on-trend this autumn, be sure to incorporate dusty pink into your colour palette. This soft and soothing colour is great for autumnal escapes and can be used in a variety of spaces. From bedrooms and hallways to living spaces, dusty pink will leave a room feeling warmer and more inviting.

If you’re going to use dusty pink as a base colour in a larger space, you’ll want to ensure that it doesn’t make the room feel smaller. Combining dusty pink with white or a light grey is a great way to retain a feeling of lightness while still capturing the warm essence of the shade. Alternatively, pair dusty pink with dark grey, charcoal, or deep green for a bolder feel.

Incorporating pink into your autumn interior design is easier than you think, particularly with these sublime decorative accessories. For a lighter touch, illuminate the room with Tiara Luce Lamp in Precious Metals by Venini. Alternatively, make a statement with the Grace Dressing Table by Royal Stranger or the Pouff with Pink and Red Fringe by Il Paralume Marina.

Grace Dressing Table by Royal Stranger

4. Yellow

If you’ve always associated yellow with spring and summer, get ready to think again. The bright and cheerful tone, ‘Illuminating’, was selected as one of the Pantone Colours of the Year 2021 and you’ll see plenty of variations around this autumn. While bright yellows feel invigorating and motivating, deeper shades also provide a sense of security and warmth, which is why it’s an excellent option for autumn and winter.

Add a burst of colour with the Quattro Stagioni Autunno Glass Sculpture by Venini or integrate more muted tones with the Pina Chair by Hommes Studio. The Chevrons N.32 Yellow Cashmere Blanket is the perfect way to stay warm in autumn, while the Cashmere Blue and Yellow Mirror Cushion, both by Saved NY, is an effortless way to brighten up any room.

Modern Textures Cushion Gaudi Brown & Grey by Milieu

5. Powder Blue

Soft and fresh, powder blue is a big trend for autumn 2021 and it’s easy to see why. Despite being pale in colour, it’s a strong shade that evokes a sense of warmth and contentment. Blue is a versatile colour that can be suited to any part of your home, so make the most of powder blue this season. From kitchens and bathrooms to offices and bedrooms, the right styling can ensure that powder blue is the perfect shade for any space.

For an uplifting feel, combine powder blue with crisp, fresh white or pair with peach or muted blush for a more vibrant palette. Alternatively, combine powder blue with sage green and classic tan for a cool interior that will brighten up your autumn.

Cashmere Inlet Throw by Claire Gaudion

Choose Your Autumn Colours Now

As we welcome a new season, now is the perfect time to fresh up your interior design and embrace something new. Whether you want a bold, vibrant palette to offset the blustery conditions outdoors or a welcoming, earthy tone to make you feel ensconced amidst the wind and rain, there are a wide variety of shades that are on trend this season. By incorporating them into your home, you can elevate your autumn interior design and enjoy chic surroundings that inspire, uplift, and reinvigorate.