Designer bamboo furniture

Delivering a warm, natural aesthetic, bamboo is a fantastic material to use around the home and in workspaces. However, it isn’t just its visual appeal that makes bamboo a prime choice for interior design.

It’s also one of the most renewable materials in the world, capable of growing more than 35 inches in a single day. Due to this, it’s easily one of the most environmentally friendly materials out there. If you want to incorporate sustainability in your home or workspace, designer bamboo furniture is certainly the way to go.

History and Benefits of Bamboo

Bamboo might be experiencing something of a renaissance as we embrace eco-friendly interiors, but its use in design is nothing new. In fact, bamboo has been by craftsmen and artisans used for centuries. Frequently chosen for its strength and durability, it’s been a key feature in furniture, carved artworks, musical instruments, tableware, and even fabrics. Indeed, the Bamboo Root Flamingo Sculpture by Lotus Arts de Vivre shows how today’s artisans are still using this exquisite material to create stunning works of art.

Although bamboo is known for its strength, it’s also incredibly lightweight. This combination makes it a superb choice when crafting furniture and home accessories. As an Earth-friendly material, bamboo furniture is an ideal way of enhancing your home with exquisite yet sustainable design.

Bamboo Root Flamingo Sculpture by Lotus Arts De Vivre

How Is Bamboo Used in Design Today?

There is a wide range of uses for bamboo, both in interior design and outdoor landscaping. Bamboo fencing, edging and borders can be used to enhance the exterior design of a property and create a rustic yet tropical aesthetic.

When it comes to interior design, bamboo is widely used because of its versatility and variety. For inspiration, take a look at these innovative ways you can incorporate bamboo into your home or workspace:

1. Seating

If you’re looking for sturdy yet lightweight furniture, bamboo is the ultimate choice. Using expertly cut bamboo strips, the Bamboo Stool by Lotus Arts de Vivre showcases the intricate craft of bamboo weaving. Also available with added Gold Leaf, the Bamboo Stool can be used in a variety of spaces to complement both classic and contemporary styling. Indeed, its lightweight properties ensure it is easily moved from one space to another, which makes it ideal as flexible seating.

Similarly, the Bamboo Pouff by Il Paralume Marina highlights how the aesthetic of bamboo is mimicked in other materials to enhance their impact. The bamboo brass element of this piece, combined with faux leather, elevate it to a statement piece that can be used as a focal point in any room.

Bamboo Stool by Lotus Arts De Vivre

2. Room Dividers and Screens

When you want to segment a space or section off part of a room, a divider or screen is an easy way to achieve your goal. Furthermore, the right screen or divider can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space and elevate the design.

Room screens and dividers are available in a wide variety of styles and materials, but bamboo is particularly popular. While some create a more natural feel with mature bamboo canes, others feature bamboo paper pulp in endless colours.

While the visual appeal of bamboo is one reason that it’s a popular material in dividers and screens, its unique properties also make it an ideal choice. Again, its lightweight yet durable build make it easy to transport a screen or divider from one area of your home to another. In addition to this, its moisture-resistant properties ensure bamboo screens and dividers can be used virtually anywhere in the home and require minimal maintenance.

Divaar Timber & Cane Room Divider by Kam Ce Kam

3. Flooring

Bamboo flooring can be used to create a light and natural aesthetic, which pairs particularly well with contemporary styles. Modern manufacturing means that bamboo can be made to look and feel like hardwood, which opens up a whole range of possibilities when it comes to flooring. However, this isn’t the only way you can incorporate bamboo into your flooring options.

Luxury designer rugs feature bamboo silk because of its softness and strength, so be sure to keep a lookout for rugs that incorporate this type of silk in their make-up. The Quartz II Rug in Indigo and the Moonstone – Cloud Rug, both by Jennifer Manners, are two exquisite examples of designer rugs that use bamboo silk to enhance their quality and design.

Granite Hand Knotted Rug Patina by Jennifer Manners

4. Bathrooms

Due to its moisture-resistant nature, bamboo is a popular material for bathroom furniture and accessories. Furthermore, its light hue is ideal for smaller spaces and can help to create a more spacious and luxurious feel in any bathroom.

The Caddy 4 Tray Arena Bamboo and the Slatted Shower Mat Arena Bamboo, both by Wireworks, highlight how easily bamboo can be used to enhance the design of functional items. Similarly, the Cabinet Revolve Domain Bamboo, also by Wireworks, shows how designer bamboo furniture can be used in any environment. Featuring a streamlined mirror and hidden storage, it’s a functional bathroom addition that prioritises style as well as purpose.

Caddy 4 Tray Arena Bamboo by Wireworks

5. Tables and Stools

Given the range of benefits it offers, it should come as no surprise that bamboo is the ideal material for tables and stools. The Slatted Stool Bamboo by Wireworks is a simple yet highly functional piece that can be used as flexible storage or seating in any home environment, for example.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for something more decorative, the Japanese Lacquer Butler Tray with Bamboo Stand by Lotus Arts de Vivre highlights the natural features of bamboo and brings this cherished material to the fore via expert craftsmanship. An exceptional example of bamboo furniture, it can be used in dining rooms, living areas, sunrooms, and garden rooms to enhance functionality and elevate style.

Slatted Stool Bamboo by Wireworks

Using Designer Bamboo Furniture Around the Home

Now you’ve had a glimpse of what bamboo can offer, there’s no doubt you’ll be eager to incorporate it into your own interior design. Fortunately, its aesthetic versatility and natural properties make it easy to enhance any style with bamboo furniture and home accessories. From tables and stools to seating and artwork, you’ll find that bamboo can be a fantastic addition to your home.