Bayswater Interiors Top 10 Design Favourites

To learn more about what inspires the world’s top designers, we asked some of them to browse The Design Buzz and select their favourite items. We recently asked Gemma Hill, who founded Bayswater Interiors, to look at the variety of furniture and décor on our website.

In this video, you can see which products Gemma chose as her favourites. And, if you’re interested in purchasing any of them, you can click on the links below.

1. Coronum Armchair - Gemma loves the look and feel of this snuggly chair. 

2. Icon Table Lamp  - This lamp features simple materials and a strong shape that make it a possible future heirloom piece, according to Gemma.  

3. Coluna Candle Holders Marble & Silver - Carrara Slvr - Because Gemma loves adding candlelight to a space, these classic candle holders caught her eye.   

4. Kuba - Sapphire - Gemma has already used this gorgeous rug in one of her design projects because it’s soft yet durable. 

5. Red & Undyed Camelhair Blanket - Gemma thinks this lovely blanket would work beautifully in a boy’s bedroom because it’s colourful and tactile.    

6. Leather Key Ring - Dusk Butterfly - Butterflies hold a special place in Gemma’s heart, so she couldn’t resist adding this key ring to her list. 

7. Raplee Rectangular Console Table - Gemma thinks this Art Deco table, with its incredible mix of woods, would work perfectly in a living room or entrance hall.      

8. Chandelier in Cast Brass - Gemma loves the warmth of the brass colour, as well as the texture, of this chandelier. 

9. Lunarys Center Table Travertine - Because curves are in style, Gemma made sure to add this unique table to her list of faves. 

10. Dedalo Tray Taupe Woven Leather - Gemma uses trays for style and organisation, so she couldn’t resist this tray and its woven leather. 

If you’re interested in buying any of these products for your home, or you’re curious about what else we have in stock, go to The Design Buzz now.