The Most Beautiful Bathroom Ideas

When it comes to styling, bathrooms are often overlooked, but they still need a little care and attention to transform them into a beautiful space. You can style your bathroom in many ways and it’s not as drastic as changing the furniture or installing a new suite, you can make subtle changes that make a big impact with the right styling and selection of accessories.

With a few styling changes you can transform something as plain and boring as your handwash and toothbrush holders into an aesthetically pleasing arrangement. Use accessories such as trays. These can be made from all kinds of materials such as porcelain or marble. Make sure that you include an odd number of items to make the tray look more effective. Add in some natural touches such as a piece of coral, your favourite crystal, a small plant or even some flowers.

Bath Trays & Stools

If you have a bath in your bathroom, you can also use a bath tray which you can stock with all of your favourite bath goodies such as bath bombs, bath salts, body brushes and a small towel. For smaller bathrooms or those that don’t have a bath, you can. You can style this stool with items such as candles, body products or even crystals.

Bathbridge Studio by Wireworks

Luxury Bath Towels

Towels are a necessity in the bathroom, but a few styling tips can help you make them an artistic feature. Many bathrooms will be white or quite clinical looking, so it’s up to the accessories to add a splash of colour. Towels are a great way to do this. Stylish towels are easy to find and you can find some great quality, luxury bath towels perfect for this task.

Marblelous Rack Holder by Aparentment

Bamboo Bath Mats

As well as towels, also think about your bath mat and how this can be used to add some interest to the room. Bamboo bath mats work really well so do those that provide a little texture to the room.

Slatted Shower Mat Arena by Wireworks

House Plants

The final styling tip that you could use to transform your bathroom into a welcoming, relaxing haven is the addition of a few well-placed house plants. Large plants which hang next to the shower in wall hanging planters would be great, so too would be a planter by the window.

You don’t have to try every one of these styling tips, try one and see how you go. Even just one can make a big difference to your space.

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