Brian Woulfe Top 10 Design Favourites

Brian Woulfe browsed The Design Buzz to select his favourite items. From décor and glassware to lighting and products for the sophisticated pet owner, his suggestions can help you transform any indoor or outdoor space. 

1. Double Old Fashioned Tumbler - Fluted By Richard Brendon  - Now that entertaining is back on the cards, these fluted tumblers are perfect for toasting to a reunion with loved ones. The art deco style and heavy base is both classic and luxurious.

2. Large Coupe - Fluted By Richard Brendon - Another piece of glassware designed by Richard Brendon, this chic Champagne coupe should be a staple in any home bar. I prefer this style to the traditional flutes. Legend has it the shape was modelled on the left breast of the French Queen Marie Antoinette!

3. Aag Marble & Alabaster Candle Stand Set By Kam Ce Kam - Lighting is an important part of creating the right atmosphere when entertaining. This candle set is unique and totally customisable; as they’re stackable you can change them around for a different feel. I love the weightiness and smooth texture of the marble too.

4. Elektra Parasol Round Table By Hommes Studio - This eclectic, statement-making parasol is fun and functional. Multipurpose furniture is always great for outdoor living, and the fact that this piece serves as a table as well as providing shade is great.

5. Ambar Braided Throw - Off White By Ambar Living - Having a knitted throw to hand is essential for keeping guests cosy as the sun sets. I love the contrasting, thick yarns in this piece and draping it over the arm of a sofa or back of a chair creates an extra layer of softness and comfort for an outdoor space

6. Volaris Swing Bed By Hommes Studio - This swing bed is a fun alternative to a traditional garden swing or hammock. It’s sturdy, super comfortable and looks good too. The modern boat-inspired shape with it’s gentle rocking motion is sure to lull you to sleep for a Sunday nap!

7. Clown Hand Painted Pet Bowl By Ach Collection - This chrome and ceramic pet bowl is playful and eclectic but also easy to clean and the sturdy design means it won’t topple over and make a mess during meal times.

 8. Namak Storage Boxes in Ash or Marble By Kam Ce Kam - Another lovely piece for treating your furry four-legged friends, the Namak storage boxes by Kam Ce Kam are stylish decorative pieces that would look great on a mantlepiece and also come in handy for storing dog treats.

 9. Merrick Distressed Bronze 2 Light Picture Light By Hudson Valley Lighting - Lighting your art correctly will ensure that you’re getting the most out of the piece, and if you’ve invested a considerable amount, it’d be a shame not to have it realiseit’s full potential! You want to reduce glare while also having a lighting fixture that looks good and fits in with the rest of your interiors. This bronze piece is unassuming and simple with adjustable arms so if you decide to change the art on display, you can use the same picture light.

10. Sperry Old Bronze 1 Light Sconce By Hudson Valley Lighting - This elegant wall light, also in bronze, has a timeless and minimal feel to it. I’d probably incorporate this into the lighting scheme for an entrance hall to add layers of brightness as well as an inviting sense of warmth - just what you want when entering a home.

11. Carnival Table Lamp By Reflections Copenhagen - For a touch of glam, this statement lamp by Reflections Copenhagen provides an eye-catching pop of colour. The elegant crystal base is luxurious and reflects the rays of light from the bulb beautifully.