Coastal Furniture Inspiration & Ideas

Coastal-inspired interior design can be a fantastic way to create a calming oasis, no matter where your property is situated. Whether you live a stone’s throw from the beach, or you’re located in a bustling city, a coastal palette is the perfect way to turn your living room into a relaxing and tranquil environment. For inspiration, take a look at these spectacular coastal living room ideas and get to work creating your own coastal-inspired haven:

1. Choose Cool, Calming Colours

If you’re looking for coastal decorating ideas for living rooms, start by choosing your colour palette. Coastal interior design should evoke a sense of lightness and breeziness, which is why cool colours are a top choice. While blue is an obvious choice for a coastal theme, it isn’t the only option out there. Whitewashed walls can look effortlessly chic when you’re using coastal-inspired designs and it’s easy to incorporate accent colours when you choose a neutral base.

If you’re eager to use coastal living room ideas to transform your environment but you’re not a fan of pale blues, there’s no need to panic. Deeper blues, like petrol blue or indigo, can work just as well, while coral, sage green and soft, lemon yellows and creams can be ideal in a coastal-inspired room.

Lisola Sofa By Hommes Studio

2. Let the Light In

When you’re planning a coastal-inspired design for your living space, be sure to maximise the amount of natural light that illuminates the space. This might mean choosing minimal window dressings that allow the light to pour in or even installing larger windows if you’re renovating a property.

Replacing curtains or blinds with plantation-style shutters can be an excellent way to create a coastal feel in any room. Not only are shutters synonymous with beachfront houses, but they also ensure that you have complete control over the natural light. By adjusting the louvres, you can increase the amount of natural light in your living room while still retaining your privacy.

Hopper Vintage Brass Bronze Accents Hopper 9LT Chandelier By Hudson Valley Lighting

3. Use Natural Materials

When you’re selecting furniture or décor for a coastal living room, using natural materials should be a top priority. Light woods, like ash or maple, are a great choice for coastal interior design, while other natural materials, such as rattan or wicker, also work exceedingly well. If you’re searching for coastal living room ideas, take a look at the Aaram Ash and Woven Cane Lounge Chair and Aaram Stool Cane Weave Seat Set by Kam Ce Kam to see just how stunning natural furniture can look in a coastal living room.

You don’t have to stop there, however. The Pedra Gemstone Agate Coasters in Midnight or the Kivita Coasters 24K Gold in Rose Quartz, both by Anna New York, are an effective way to incorporate natural materials into your décor with spectacular results.

Aaram Designer Ash & Cane Shelves By Kam Ce Kam

4. Prioritise Space

When you’re exploring coastal decorating ideas for living rooms, you may have noticed that coastal-inspired designs typically value space. This means paring down the décor and scaling back on furniture to create a more minimalist feel. If you’re renovating a property or thinking of making major changes to your home, removing walls to create a more open plan living space can be a great way to achieve the coastal vibe you’re aiming for.

Alternatively, you can achieve an aesthetically pleasing coastal design simply by decluttering the space and ensuring your living area feels light and airy. While decorative pieces will still feature, less is certainly more when it comes to creating a tranquil, coastal vibe.

The Graal Table BY Royal Stranger

5. Use a Variety of Textures

The textures you use in any room play an important role in how it looks and feels. When you’re pitching coastal living room ideas, be sure to incorporate a range of textures to add depth to your interior design. Again, natural materials are favoured, so consider whether linen, cotton or organic bamboo would work well in your home.

Coastal themes often centre around loose, flowing materials, so look for lighter options that can be layered for extra warmth. A sheer, floor-length curtain or a woven rug that matches your colour palette, such as the Rhythmic Tides Indigo Rug by Claire Gaudion, are perfectly suited to coastal interior design. Similarly, furniture slipcovers made from natural materials can be used to increase comfort and ensure your design is in keeping with a coastal theme.

Honeybee Side Table By Royal Stranger

6. Consider Sun-Bleached Floors

When you’re planning a coastal living room, it’s vital to get the flooring right. After all, this is a central element in any room and has a major impact on the visual impact a space has. Switching carpets for hardwood flooring is a great starting point, but be sure to choose the right type of wood if you want to create the best effect.

Distressed or reclaimed timber can work well in a coastal-inspired living room, particularly if you want to enjoy a laidback, beach-style atmosphere. However, if you don’t want to invest in solid timber flooring, you’ll find plenty of sun-bleached alternatives. By choosing a flooring that offers durability as well as style, you can ensure that your coastal living room is stylish and chic from the ground up.

Fontenelle Rug By Claire Gaudion

Transform Your Home with Coastal Interior Design

While coastal-inspired designs certainly work well in living rooms and living areas, there’s no reason to stop there. By using coastal interior design throughout your property, you can create a seamless interior design that enhances every room and feature. Coastal designs often work well in kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms, for example, which makes it a perfect theme for your entire home.

If you want to achieve a genuine coastal vibe, however, steer clear of kitsch décor. Anchors and lighthouses may appear to be in keeping with coastal designs at first glance, but they’re actually more closely aligned with nautical design. In contrast, coastal interior design allows you to create a relaxed and welcoming environment with more subtle styling.

Whether you’re moving into a new property or updating your existing living room, using coastal interior design is a fantastic way to create a laidback and relaxed style that can be as versatile as you choose.