Coffee Table Styling & Accessories

A coffee table can be a core element in a living room or open-plan space, which is why it’s so important to get the styling right. With the right accessories and placement, you can enhance the interior and complement your décor.

From statement pieces to discreet side tables, there are a variety of decorative accessories for coffee tables. To find out how to enrich your interior design with simple additions, take a look at these top coffee table styling tips now:

1. Determine How Much Space You Have to Work With

The size of a coffee table will determine how much styling is required and how many decorative pieces it can accommodate. However, don’t be tempted to clutter the surface of the table. This will detract from the room’s interior and diminish the impact of the table itself.

A patterned or ornate coffee table, like the Chess Centre Table by Hommes Studio, will require less styling due to its design, for example. In contrast, a more sedate piece, such as the Summers Coffee Table Low Frame by Christian Watson lends itself to decorative accessories and high styling.

Summers Coffee Table Low Frame by Christian Watson

2. Choose Something Organic

Incorporate organic materials into your interior design can really bring a room to life and give it a new, fresh feel. A coffee table is an ideal place to feature something organic, like freshly cut flowers or a vibrant moss bowl.

If you’re looking for fall dining room table decorating ideas, display autumnal blooms across both dining and coffee tables for holistic styling. As well as creating a seamless interior design, you can enrich your interior and add warmth by embracing the season and everything it offers.

Balti Vase In Brass & Marble by Ikkis

3. Add Balance with Coffee Table Accessories

The decorative accessories you choose to display on your coffee table should add balance to the room. For some, this may mean the symmetrical placement of accessories, while others will achieve balance via the materials they choose.

Decorative accessories crafted from natural materials, like the Teak Wood Turtle Sculpture by Lotus Arts de Vivre, can look spectacular atop a metal or industrial style coffee table, for example. Alternatively, the lightness of enamel can pair well with heavier materials. If you have a wooden coffee table, try styling it with the Lota Tiffin White Enamelled Brass Bowls to vary the materials you’re using.

Lota Tiffin White Enameled Brass Bowls by Ikkis

4. Use Varying Heights

Using pieces that vary in terms of height is an effective way of adding visual interest to the centrepiece of your room. While particularly tall pieces might be impractical for a coffee table, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use height when styling decorative accessories for coffee tables.

Simply choose low-profile pieces that vary in height to achieve the desired impact. A tray or bowl, such as the Panama Crystal Tray by Reflections Copenhagen or the Paraat Tray in Sandstone and Aluminium by Ikkis, are great low-profile pieces that can be paired with mid-size decorative accessories to elevate your styling.

5. Add Warmth with Colour

As coffee tables are usually situated in living rooms or open plan living areas, you’ll want to create a sense of warmth and relaxation with your interior design. In autumn and winter, in particular, it’s essential to enrich your surroundings to balance out the colder external temperatures and drab weather.

When styling a coffee table, add warmth via the colour of the accessories you choose. The Jungle Deco Large Round Vase by Artel or the Pyros Notturni Emmanuel Babled by Venini are excellent pieces for autumn coffee table styling. With rich colours, accessories are an ideal way to add warmth and reflect the changing seasons.

Pyros Notturni Vase by Emmanuel Babled by Venini

6. Keep It Practical

In formal spaces, side tables, consoles, and sideboards may be used for decorative purposes only. This gives you free rein to feature any type of decorative accessories. You might choose to overcrowd the surface of a sideboard as a style statement, for example, or showcase large pieces of particular interest.

When you’re styling a coffee table in a well-used living space, however, you need to keep practicalities in mind. If you’re going to be using your coffee table on a daily basis, keep it simple and functional. By paring back the accessories, you can make an impact with styling while still maximising functionality.

7. Incorporate Glass for a Lighter Look

Glass can be a superb material to use as part of your interior design, particularly if you want to avoid overcrowding a space. With glass coffee table accessories, you can create a visual impact without making the space feel cluttered. What’s more – glass is an excellent choice if you want to retain a modern or contemporary feel. 

The Kansashi Handmade Vase by Casarialto or the Oman Ettore Sottsass by Venini show just how effectively glass can be used to elevate your design. With muted or vibrant colours to add warmth and light materials, you can use coffee table styling to complete your interior this autumn.

Kansashi Handmade Vase by Casarialto

8. Add a Personal Touch

Your home or workspace should be perfectly suited to your needs and reflect your personality, so don’t hesitate to incorporate a personal touch when styling your coffee table. The decorative accessories you choose should have an impact on you, so search for pieces you love and use them to create your own haven. In addition to this, incorporating a photo frame or a low-profile stack of books can be an effective way to inject your personality into the décor.  

Photo Frame Woven Light Grey Leather by Pinetti

Getting Started with Table Styling

Coffee table styling is certainly an important way of completing your interior design, but it isn’t the only tablescape to focus on. From bedside tables to dining room tables, you’ll need to style these pieces appropriately if you want to create a cohesive and holistic design that flows from room to room.

With a new season upon us, now is the perfect time to update your autumn décor. With these coffee table styling tips, you can give your interior a fresh, new feel and enjoy relaxing in exquisite surroundings.