Cosy Snug Room Design Ideas For Your Home

We are all spending more time at home and for some of us this means that a once neglected living space is starting to gain more of our attention. In this guide we have provided several cosy snug room ideas to give you some inspiration.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, our homes were a place where we would return to at the end of another hectic day rushing around from place to place. By the time you arrive home, you’ve cooked the tea and put the kids to bed, there’s little time for anything else, let alone think about your home décor. All of this has changed as we spend more time in our homes, we are looking for new and creative ways to make our house more of a home. In the cold, dark winter nights, there’s no better place than snuggling up at home under a duvet with a good book or your favourite film and what better place to do this than in your very own cosy snug. Hygge, a Danish term that translates to ‘cosiness’ is growing popularity not just by the Danish but around the world, hence the increasing interest in creating snugs.

Even if you don’t have a dedicated space that you can turn into your snug, it’s quite easy to transform a corner of your living room into an inviting space. Let’s find out some of the ways that you can create your very own cosy snug room in your home.

Choosing your Snug Room Seating

There are literally hundreds of cosy snug room ideas that you can choose from. Whether it’s some snug furniture like a huge armchair that feels like it’s giving you a giant hug as you snuggle down, or a comfy sofa filled with cushions, seating will be one of the main elements of your snug room.  If you want to use your snug to catch up on the latest series on Netflix, you need a sofa that will offer the right level of support for your back and neck while being soft enough to be comfortable. Ergonomic sofas are great and offer the highest degree of comfort and support while alleviating issues such as back problems or stiff joints.


Soft and Comfortable Items (cushions, throws)

What will really make or break a snug is the addition of soft furnishings. Accessories such as thick rugs, super soft cushions and fluffy throws or blankets can create a comfortable atmosphere for your snug, making it the perfect place to enjoy an afternoon reading with your favourite author or relaxing and watching a movie with the kids. The softer the furnishings the cosier it will look. Adding multiple textures can also enhance the feeling of cosiness too, such as items with large patterns or finer prints. To make your snug area consistent, try to find a colour that runs through all of your accessories such as the cushions, rugs, blankets or throws to weave it all together.

Shell Crinkle Cotton Throw By Claire Gaudion

Getting the Light Right

Lighting does so much more than allowing you to see in the hours of darkness.  It can add warmth, set the tone or give a room a certain atmosphere. You may choose to have one statement lamp or choose a combination of lights including pendant lighting, table lamps or floor standing lights. That said, you don’t want the lighting to be too overpowering, but it should be enough so that you can comfortably read or watch tv.

Valentina Floor Lamp By Royal Stranger

Snug Colour Schemes

As you consider different cosy snug room ideas, don’t forget about the colour scheme. If you are lucky enough to have a room in your home you can convert into a snug, then you can really go to town and be as creative as you want to be developing your hygge theme. That said, even if you are just transforming a corner of your living room, you can still create a unique space using colour, accessories and furnishings. Snugs should be calming and neutral so think shades of grey with splashes of colour here and there. Greys are a popular and cosy colour. It’s timeless and adds a touch of elegance and luxury to any room.

Cosy Snug Room Ideas for Small Spaces

It’s even possible to create a snug in the smallest of living rooms, you just have to get a little more creative. Try these top tips:

Switch out your sofa for a large, comfy armchair (family and space permitting of course) – Large sofas can eat into the space that you have available in your living room so consider switching your sofa with a smaller and cosier seat as your snug furniture.

Make use of mirrors – Mirrors are a great addition to the room, particularly small spaces because they give the illusion of more space than there is. Mirrors can reflect back light too, creating a light, bright, airy space, perfect for reading.

Media hub – What’s a snug without a good media centre that stores all of your movies, games and games consoles or collection of books?

Rays of Light Mirror by Reflections of Copenhagen

We offer a great range of design furniture and luxurious cushions to inspire and help you design the perfect snug area or room for your home. Combined with some accessories such as mirrors and the right lights will help create the perfect cosy atmosphere to snuggle up.

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