Cosy Sofa Styles

A cosy and inviting living room is a must in any home, especially throughout the cold, winter months. When you’re at home, you’re likely to spend the majority of your time in the living room, so it’s well worth updating your interior design and making the space as welcoming as possible.

A sumptuous sofa gives you the perfect place to relax after a long day’s work, but it also provides you with a chic space in which to entertain guests. To elevate your living room this season, take a look at the ultimate sofa styles 2021 and find out how to style your sofa now:

Use Bold, Rich Colours

Autumn and winter are the perfect time to use rich, warm colours throughout your home and choosing cosy sofas in a bold hue allow you to incorporate sublime statement furniture into your interior design.

For example, the ergonomic Strings Three Seater Sofa in Plum by Scarlet Splendour will look equally spectacular in rooms with a neutral base and those with a more dramatic palette. Alternatively, the Kara Soft Leather Upholstered Sofa by Hommes Studio features a deep blue fabric that entices you into a state of pure relaxation.

Strings Three Seater Sofa Plum by Scarlet Splendour

Be Inspired by Art Deco

Originating in the early 20th century, Art Deco remains a popular style to this day. Characterised by streamlined, symmetrical, and geometric shapes, furniture inspired by this period is always a hit. If you want to incorporate Art Deco into your seating plan, choose pieces that feature geometric curves, sleek lines, and balancing symmetry, like the Pina Chair Velvet Upholstered or the Lisola Armchair, both by Hommes Studio.

Another popular feature often associated with Art Deco era is fluting. This decorative feature incorporates additional shapes into the piece and adds to the sense of symmetry. The Curt Modular Sofa by Ambivalenz allows you to capture the essence of a fluted sofa while giving you the flexibility to create a modern seating arrangement that meets your needs. What’s more – the range of colours, including russet and serpentine, embody the bold colours favoured during this period.

Pina Chair Velvet Upholstered by Hommes Studio

Create a Cocoon

Your home is your own private retreat; somewhere you can relax in isolation or spend time with those you love. As such, it should provide you with the ultimate comfort and nothing says comfort quite like a sofa that invites you to curl up.

The fabric of a sofa has a big impact on how inviting it is, so be adventurous if you want to create your own welcoming cocoon. The soft white sheepskin upholstery of the Coronum Three Seater Sofa by Scarlet Splendour is second-to-none when it comes to cosiness, so choose this piece if you want your living room to be a place of unrivalled relaxation this season.

Alternatively, combine comfort with colour and adorn your living space with the spectacular Max Armchair Fur Velvet Upholstered by Hommes Studio. With bold blue seating, white fur, and gold stainless-steel legs and armrests, it’s an excellent accent piece that catches the eye while delivering pure comfort.

Coronum Three Seater Sofa White by Scarlet Splendour

Choose Curved, Organic Shapes

Curved, irregular shapes can feel cosier than sharp lines and angles, so consider organic-shaped sofas and armchairs if you want to up the ante and integrate one of the top sofa styles 2021 into your interior design. The Forest Green Sofa in Velvet Upholstery by Scarlet Splendour features a soft, rich fabric while its irregular, asymmetrical shape and array of cushions positively invite you to sit down and immerse yourself in comfort.

Similarly, the curved lines of the Ambrose Chair or the gentle slope of the Cosy Armchair in Vienna Dark Blue Fabric, both by Laskasas, add comfort and cosiness to any living space.

Ambrose Chair by Laskasas

Embrace Modern Simplicity

If you’re a fan of minimalism or you enjoy understated style, choose seating that combines simplicity and elegance. The Orion Sofa in Blush Velvet and Gold by Scarlet Splendour creates a visual impact yet retains a compact style that works in any space without overpowering its surroundings. Similarly, the Harry Modular Sofa Siena and Vienna Blue by Laskasas offers flexibility for modern living and unadulterated comfort and cosiness.

Styling Your Sofas: 3 Top Tips

Whatever cosy sofas you choose for your home this season, you’ll want to ensure they’re styled perfectly. The right accessories and positioning can transform furniture from ‘part of the background’ to ‘centre stage’, so make sure you showcase your new furniture at its best. To get started, take a look at these top tips for styling cosy sofas now:

1. Add Texture with Throws

A chunky throw is an essential home accessory in winter but it’s also a savvy way to add more texture to your interior design. When you style your sofas or chairs with a throw, you vary the visual impact it has and add depth to its appearance.

Uno Classic Throw Fringed Cashmere in Cream by Oyuna

2. Use Cushions for a Pop of Colour

The right cushions can elevate cosy sofas into statement pieces of furniture, so be sure to choose colours and fabrics that complement the underlying seating. From neutral cashmere and organic cotton to bold silks and leather, there are endless ways you can use colour and fabric to style your seating. Choose a paired cushion arrangement to add symmetry or layer different sized cushions for an effortlessly relaxed feel.

Modern Textures Series -pablo (multi) by Milieu

3. Incorporate Gentle Lighting

Lighting can make a room feel instantly cosier, so use it to frame sofas and chairs in the most inviting way possible. A soft light emanating from a nearby floor standing lamp or wall light will ensure that no one can resist taking the weight off their feet and relaxing amidst plump cushions, warm throws, and cosy sofas.

Heron Floor Light Satin Brass by CTO Lighting

Elevate Your Home with Cosy Sofas

While sofas are essential in the living room, this isn’t the only area that can be enhanced with cosy seating. Now you know how to choose the best sofas for the season, you can incorporate relaxed seating into bedrooms, home offices, and landings too, and make your home cosier than ever.