Creating Country Home Décor

Whether you’re renovating a property or updating your home, country home décor is a timeless style that can be adapted to suit any living environment. While rustic farmhouse design may have originated in idyllic rural locations, you’ll find spectacular country style décor everywhere from converted barns and rolling estates to chic city apartments and sprawling townhouses.

While farmhouse décor is often seen a classic, as opposed to contemporary, there are no limits when it comes to how you incorporate this timeless trend into your interior design. To find out how you can unleash your creativity, take a look at these ultimate tips for creating stylish country home décor:

1. Make the Most of Natural Materials

If you want your home to give off an authentic rustic vibe, then make the most of the property’s natural features. Exposed brickwork and wooden beams are at the heart of country home décor, so consider going to back to basics and letting your home’s interior speak for itself.

Similarly, natural stonework can be a fabulous way to elevate a country or farmhouse interior. If your property doesn’t feature aged stonework, consider natural stone or porcelain tiles for kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways. In addition to this, natural stone, marble, or authentic granite worktops or sink surrounds can be the perfect option for kitchens and bathrooms if you want to transform your home into a country style abode.

Ambar Wood Block Cushion Rectangle - Hazelnut By Ambar Living

2. Focus on the Entranceway

The hall or entranceway is an area that’s often overlooked but you can elevate your home’s overall design when you make it a top priority. After all, it’s the first part of your home that a visitor sees and it’s somewhere you’ll pass through numerous times a day. Although you may not spend as much time in the foyer as you do in the kitchen or living room, don’t overlook its importance when it comes to your interior design.

If you’re looking for country decorating ideas, there is plenty of scope to create a rustic entranceway. Here, you can use patterned wallpaper to embody a farmhouse design, without worrying that a pattern will feel too busy or overpowering.

When it comes to accessories, the hallway or foyer can be the perfect place for a rustic bench or designer sideboard. This will maximise the functionality of your entranceway and create a little extra storage space for you to use on a daily basis while adding the finishing touches to your country style décor.

Atlas Aged Pewter Atlas 2LT Wall Sconce By Hudson Valley Lighting

3. Showcase Natural Colours           

Country style is characterised by natural colours, but this doesn’t mean that your décor needs to feel cold or drab. In fact, you’ll find that patterns are widely used in country style décor, so there’s a variety of ways you can bring your interior design to life when you choose this style for your home.

However, a natural colour palette is a fantastic base for any room. Ivory, taupe, beige, and off-white can be ideal as a springboard, but earth tones, such as terracotta, rose, sage green and ruby can work just as well. By choosing a shade with either warm or cool tones, you can create a bespoke palette and atmosphere in any room.

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4. Incorporate Patterns

Farmhouse décor is known for featuring multiple patterns, so be sure to make them a mainstay of your design. However, featuring numerous patterns in a single space can be tricky, so it helps to think strategically. If you’re going to showcase more than one pattern, consider using colours from the same palette. This will ensure that they work well together and create a cohesive aesthetic, rather than competing with one another.

Additionally, make sure that patterns are distributed evenly throughout the space, rather than being crowded in one location. A patterned chair in the corner of a bedroom can work well with a patterned throw, like the Renaissance N. 25 Cashmere Blanket by Saved NY draped across the bed, for example.

Perugia - Terracotta By Jennifer Manners

5. Consider Your Lighting Scheme

The right lighting scheme can elevate any interior design and the same is true when it comes to country style décor. If you want to make the most of your décor, it’s vital to showcase it in the right light. As you might expect, natural light is the ultimate way to highlight your carefully chosen décor, but you can make your décor even more impactful with a little extra illumination.

To truly embody country style, you’ll want to use layered lighting to create a warm, inviting glow. By using wall lights, floor standing lamps and table lamps, you can modify the lighting to suit any ambience and maximise the functionality of the space too. While overhead lights and designer ceiling lights are essential for modern living, the warmth and atmosphere created by softer, more subtle lighting options is perfectly suited for country style décor.

Oslo Armchair By Coleccion Alexandra

6. Use Open Cabinetry and Shelving     

When you’re exploring country decorating ideas, don’t overlook the importance of open cabinetry and shelving. Not only is this a great way to display designer tableware, but it also enables to showcase decorative pieces at their best.

Open cabinetry is particularly popular in country style kitchens and it’s a highly effective way of recreating a farmhouse feel. However, this isn’t the only way you can use this trend to enhance your country style décor. Floating shelves in a bedroom or bathroom can be functional as well as an integral element of your interior design, for example. Similarly, built-in bookcases with open shelving can be fantastic addition to living rooms or studies and will help to emulate country style design.

Hopper Vintage Brass Bronze Accents Hopper 9LT Chandelier By Hudson Valley Lighting

When to Use Country Style Décor

Country style décor can work well in any home environment. If you crave a feeling of warmth and you want your home to envelop you as soon as you walk through the door, country style interior design can certainly create the atmosphere you’re looking for. What’s more – using country style décor in your home ensures you’ll enjoy a timeless style that can be updated and modified using the latest trends.