Create a Boutique Hotel Style Look at Home

 Boutique style is quite special. If you’ve ever visited a boutique hotel, you’ll know what we mean. Everything from the ornate décor to the furnishings, the best bed linen and pillows all help to exude luxury and sophistication. But let us tell you a secret. It’s easy to recreate this look in your home, and the best part, you don’t need an expensive interior designer or a huge budget. With a little inspiration and a slight nudge in the right direction, you can find some of the most luxurious boutique bedroom ideas which are tailored to your home. Enjoying the style of a boutique bedroom is no longer reserved for those occasional times when you can take a short break away, it’s something you can enjoy every day of the week.

So, with all of that said, where do you start in your quest to create your very own luxurious, boutique retreat? Read on and we’ll share everything you need to know.

The Colour Scheme

Colours are everything when it comes to boutique styling. Although you can take ideas and inspiration from your favourite boutique hotels, colours are to a certain degree, down to personal preference. In keeping with this theme, the best colours are those that reflect comfort, style, and sophistication.

Statement wallpapers or feature walls are a must have. They not only draw the eye to the focal point, but they can also set the tone for the rest of the room. Gathering ideas and inspiration is one of the best parts of creating a unique space. When you start to narrow down your colour choices, always remember that a statement wallpaper often has a dominant colour. If you look carefully at boutique rooms you will notice that these dominant colours appear in lots of other accessories and furnishings in the room, so this is definitely something you want to replicate too. Dominant colours can bring a sense of consistency to the room if they are used subtly in soft furnishings, linens and furniture. 

There are two main colour pallets that are popular with boutique themed rooms which are at opposite ends of the colour spectrum. Firstly, there are lighter colours such as soft champagne, greige, mushroom or an off white. Secondly, darker colours which offer a more vibrant look include navy blue, deep purple or burgundy. Even if you prefer colours that lean more towards the bolder side, a careful balance must be struck between creating a sense of luxury and designing a space that is suitable for rest and relaxation. If the darker colour pallet prevails, you can give the room a slight lift and inject a little more brightness with a few well-placed accessories such as a white framed mirror, a light canvas or crystal chandeliers.

With your colour choices starting to come together, attention should turn next to the largest items in the room which usually includes the bed and bedroom furniture.

Luxury Bedroom Ideas for Furniture

Statement pieces can really add the wow factor if you are trying to mirror the boutique hotel look. Consider furniture such as four poster beds if that’s your thing, or for something more subtle but equally impressive, you can opt for a more contemporary styled bed with a feature headboard. Oversized headboards with button studs or an extra tall headboard always exude luxury and create an excellent focal point in the room too. If you prefer, you can choose something like a lower-level headboard that stretches the full width of the wall, with a piece of artwork above. Most importantly, choose a quality design that brings a little bit of you into the room. After all, it’s your room so make it yours.

Don’t forget about other furniture pieces such as bedside tables, a dressing table and where the space allows a chair, chaise or ottoman. For upholstered furniture, fabrics can include textured linens or velvet which will be in keeping with the boutique style.

The Damien Bedside Table by Wireworks

Incorporate Ambient Lighting to Create the Mood

Lighting a room is important when styling your room to create the right mood, and give a room its ambience. If you think of any of the boutique hotels you’ve stayed in, you will notice that there isn’t just one type of light. To create ambient lighting in a room, there are many sources placed at different levels. Top level lighting would include a focal ceiling light, perhaps a chandelier. Beneath this, you may have some wall lights or lights placed to accentuate shelving or artwork, and at the lowest level a bedside lamp or task lighting over a dressing table. That said, the lighting in a bedroom shouldn’t be too bright or distracting. Shelf lighting is a great little touch, so too is a light above the dressing table and a subtle light for reading. Style your lighting based on your preferences and the way you use your room.

Cubist Wall Light by Czech & Speake


The last step in the process is to add the finishing touches in the form of soft furnishings, layers and accessories.

One of the things that you will notice with boutique styles is that they have lots of layers and textures in the room, along with plenty of cushions and throws. Layering can include a variety of materials including sheepskin, velvet and silk, whether this is a sheepskin rug, a velvet throw or blanket or a silk bed runner. Cushions that fit in well with the décor and furnishings should be strategically placed around the room. Between four and six cushions is about right for the bed, and then any others can be placed on furniture such as luxury chairs or even a chaise longue if you have one. Additional layers that can also add a touch of luxury and warmth include thick, luxurious velvet throws or blankets.

Boutique styles often feature a few well-placed accessories that not only add to the luxurious feel of the room but serve a practical purpose too. Wooden bedroom accessories such as intricately carved wooden tissue boxes or beautifully designed, hand carved bowls for keys or small items that are strategically placed in the room can enhance the surroundings. While they are only small, it’s little touches like these that can make a huge difference to the overall style of the room.

Old Meets New

What’s great about boutique style is that you can blend the old with the new, bringing together the best of both worlds and combining them in a unique and interesting way. The elegance of old with the sophistication of the new can create a truly unique, interesting and inviting space. Whether this is the placement of an antique piece of furniture, a rug or some sleek, modern accessories, as long as they fit in with the boutique style of the room and look like they belong, there are endless combinations that you can try out. 

Boutique style is a flexible room design that allows you to really bring out your personality. Creating your interpretation of the boutique style, choosing fabrics, colours, furniture and accessories that reflect who you are allows you to create the ultimate boutique space where you can relax and unwind in your very own luxury retreat.