Designer Side Tables

A side table is a versatile piece of furniture that can be placed in a living room, bedroom, or conservatory to enhance the interior design and maximise functionality. Making sure that all of your essentials are within reach and elevating the décor, a side table is an essential element in so many rooms.

Despite their relatively small stature, a side table can have a big visual impact, providing you choose the right design for the space. To help you find the best piece for your interior, take a look at these 10 side table designs you’ll love:

1. Niagara Marble Round Side Table

Unimposing yet utterly decadent, the Niagara Marble Round Side Table by Hommes Studio combines luxury with functionality. Inspired by the Memphis design movement, each table features a round base with square and hexagonal stem sections accompanied by a round tabletop. Incorporating polished Rosa Portogallo Marble in the base and either polished Noir Saint Laurent Marble or Red Levanto Marble, each table showcases the unique veins that make this material so coveted. The addition of a gold polished stainless-steel base adds a metallic element to the design that complements the strength and depth of the marble perfectly.

Niagara Marble Round Side Table by Hommes Studio

2. Damien Round Side Table

Simple and sophisticated, the Damien Round Side Table by Wireworks is designed by Lincoln Rivers and built with expert craftsmanship. A streamlined appearance makes this side table ideal for smaller spaces, while the removable top ensures flexibility. The legs are made from sustainably sourced American white oak and are hand-sanded to ensure they’re soft to the touch, while the top is epoxy painted and available in black or white.

Built with convenience in mind, the Damien Round Side Table features a handy lipped edge and slot that comfortably holds wires and chargers, so you can keep your environment clutter-free and organised.

Damien Round Side Table by WireWorks

3. Safari Folding Table

A stunning design and maximum functionality mean that the Pinetti Safari Folding Table really is a must-have home accessory. The tabletop takes the form of a removable bronze plate, which sits atop a leather and wood folding structure. When not in use, the plate can be lifted off and the table itself folded into a compact column.

Not only is the Safari Folding Table available in large and small sizes, but it also comes in different colours, so it’s easy to choose a shade that enhances your interior design. Select cream leather, camel leather, taupe leather or white leather to amplify your décor now.

Safari Folding Table Leather X Large by Pinetti

4. Mausam Ash and Marble Side Table

This classic side table design by Kam Ce Kam lends itself to a minimalist interior yet offers a distinctly luxurious feel. The subtle reed detail, combined with the marble tabletop, complement each other perfectly and create a holistic design that’s impactful and striking.

The base is available in either black ash or natural ash, while the top comes in white marble, black marble, or two-tone green and white Indian marble. Whether you’re redesigning a contemporary space or looking for the perfect addition to a living room, bedroom or hallway, the Mausam Ash and Marble Side Table is a stunning piece that can enhance any space.

Mausam Ash & Marble Side Table by Kam Ce Kam

5. Billie Side Table

If you’re looking for a designer side table that offers practicality and visual appeal, look no further than the Billie Side Table in Red Marble by Hommes Studio. The segments make up the base, each crafted from Red Colarito Marble, Yellow Negrais Marble and Estremoz Marble, while a Red Colarito Marble tabletop and gold polished stainless-steel rings add a metallic hue to the design. Turning a side table into a work of art, this stunning piece will be a statement feature wherever it’s situated.

Billie Side Table by Hommes Studio

6. Youmy Round Symmetrical Table

When you want to enhance a space with simplicity, the Youmy Round Symmetrical Table by Mademoiselle Jo certainly fits the bill. Crafted from steel, it’s strong and durable, yet its unique design and curvature adds softness. Available in white, anodic bronze, corten, anodic black and shaded, you’ll find the perfect hue to elevate your interior within this range.

Youmy Round Symmetrical Table Matte White by Mademoiselle Jo

7. Column Side Table

The Column Side Table with Fluted Marble Base by Aparentment features a fluted column made of marble alongside a streamlined oval top crafted from lacquered metal. With a low height, this compact side table is a great choice when you want a subtle yet exquisitely designed table to add convenience and style to your interior. Available in Carrara Marble with white lacquered iron and brass or Marquina Marble with black lacquered iron and brass, its simple profile is complemented by its discreet decorative base.

Column Side Table Fluted Marble Base by Aparentment

8. Glee Table

A side table that will always draw the eye, the Glee Table in Brass and Gloss Gold by Scarlet Splendour is a glamorous addition to your interior. An inimitable shine and metallic hue ensure the Glee Table makes an impact in any space, but this is a side table that’s built to be seen. Position it in living areas, reception rooms and entertainment spaces for maximum impact and you can be confident that it will be one of your most popular pieces.

Glee Table Brass & Gloss Gold by Scarlet Splendour

9. Metis Round Decorative Table

The Metis Round Decorative Table is another stunning piece by Hommes Studio that’s sure to delight. The pedestal acts as a centrepiece, with an intricate figurine running through the design and through the tabletop itself. The use of matt black finishing for the base and figurine and white bird eye wood leaf marquetry for the top combines beautifully and ensures that the Metis Round Decorative Table is well-suited to both contemporary and traditional spaces.

Metis Round Decorative Table by Hommes Studio

10. Haldane Round Table

Double-layered and made from 100% recyclable metal, this designer side table is sustainable and chic. Available in black or white metal and in either round or oval shape, the Haldane Table by Christian Watson combines simplicity with luxury to deliver a side table that’s functional and practical as well as striking.

Haldane Round Table Black Metal by Christian Watson

Make a Statement with Side Tables

Whatever side table design you favour, you’ll find a wide variety of options at The Design Buzz. From contemporary to classic, our range of luxury side tables makes it easy to find the perfect addition for your home or workspace.