A Dining Room for Everyone

When you’re designing a space or rethinking an interior, the people it serves should be your first consideration. The core purpose of a room determines its function, and this is central to a successful interior design.

A well-styled room will be unappreciated if it doesn’t cater to its overriding function, which is why it’s essential to consider purposefulness when designing an interior. A home filled with stunning, yet fragile, decorative pieces may not be ideally suited to life with young children or pets, for example!

If you’re enhancing the interior of your own home, it’s important to take everyone into account when selecting which styles, pieces, and colours to use. While most people recognise the importance of their human family members when making design decisions, they often overlook their animal family members.

Although pet owners are typically devoted to their animals, this isn’t always reflected in their interior design. Fortunately, we’ve got some top tips that will help you design dining rooms and living spaces that are perfect suited to every member of your family!

1. Consider the Height of Dining Tables

If pets are free to roam about your home, you’ll certainly want to choose a dining table that puts your meals well out of their reach. If you have a small pet, this might be less of a concern, but large dogs and adventurous cats will easily access average height tabletops, if the mood strikes them. Choosing a dining table that is relatively tall will limit access, give you peace of mind when you’re serving dinner and prevent your eating area from becoming a pet dining table!

Similarly, selecting a large dining table, like the Sou The One Dining Table by Coleccion Alexandra or Sertão Dining Table by Behspoke, will provide you with extra space. This enables you to keep food away from the edges of the table and out of reach of your furry friends.

Sertão Dining Table Contemporary Marble by Behspoke

2. Choose Understated Floors and Statement Furniture

Every dog and cat owner knows just how tricky it can be to keep upholstery in pristine condition when you have pets and the same goes for carpets and rugs. For this reason, wood or slate floors are often a popular choice amongst pet owners. From contemporary to traditional styles, their durable and easy-to-clean properties are great for pet-friendly interior design.

Of course, you needn’t forego spectacular interior design simply because you have pets. By making savvy design choices, you can create an interior that’s pet friendly as well as impactful. If you want to choose understated flooring for practical purposes, for example, go big and bold with furniture.

The Mani Dining Table in Polished Marble and the Burton Dining Table with Yellow or Blue Glass, both by Hommes Studio, are excellent examples of statement dining tables that are focal points in any space. Combining an understated floor with these pieces allows them to be centre stage and avoids the space feeling overcrowded.

This type of pet-friendly interior design allows you to choose statement pieces that won’t be at risk of damage or destruction but still embrace your creativity and curate a stunning home.

Mani Dining Table Polished Marble by Hommes Studio

3. Treat Your Pet to a Luxury Bed

As you might expect, designers haven’t overlooked your pets when creating inspiring collections for the home. As well as selecting a luxury bed for your own room, you can treat your pets to a designer bed of their own too.

The ACH Collection has a stunning range of luxury pet beds, which embody comfort and style. When it comes to interior design for pets, you won’t find better than these! The monochromatic Sheba Pet Bed in Black and White is an exquisite edition to contemporary interior design, while the single colour Nala Pet Bed in Blue or Cream Faux Leather won’t look out of place in the most well-appointed living areas. 

Nala Cream Pet Bed in Faux Leather by ACH Collection

4. Make Everyday Items Something Special

Pets have a variety of needs and, no matter what type of animal you welcome into your home, you’ll find that rooms become filled with necessary accessories. Unfortunately, some of these accessories aren’t too easy on the eye, which can mean that they disrupt your carefully planned interior design. However, there are plenty of pet accessories that are crafted by luxury designers. These provide your pets with the essentials they need while complementing your interiors.

The Duuo Ceramic Painted Pet Bowl set by ACH Collection is dark and dramatic with gold accents and acts as a functional yet decorative accessory in kitchens or utility rooms. Alternatively, the Bubbles Hand Painted Pet Bowl, also from the ACH Collection, combines silver and rose gold with playful organic shapes and works superbly in modern rooms.

Bubbles Hand Painted Pet Bowl by ACH Collection

5. Create Pet-Friendly Living Spaces

Many animals crave human company and pets are certainly a fantastic source of comfort and companionship for us. When you’re relaxing or spending time with loved ones, your pets will be front and centre, so why not ensure your design meets their needs (and stands up to their demands!) with pet friendly living room ideas?

An artistically designed pet cushion or bed, like the Rubik Pet Bed in Artificial Leather or the George Pet Bed Handmade in Leather, will complement a variety of colour palettes and provide your pet with somewhere comfortable (and stylish) to sit or lay. What’s more – creating a dedicated space for your pets in your living room will ensure they feel safe and allow you to declare your sofa as a pet-free zone.

Alternatively, choose performance fabrics if you want your pet-friendly living room to be open to all. Stain, scratch, and fade-resistant materials are essential for pet owners who want to share their space with their beloved furry friends.

Rubik Pet Bed Artificial Leather by ACH Collection

Embracing Pet-Friendly Interior Design

Whether you’re redecorating a dining room, revamping your living area or remodelling your entire property, pet-friendly interior design will ensure that your home works for every member of your family. Additionally, using design for pets to inform your choices will enable you to create a functional environment that meets your needs while also exuding style.