Christmas Table Decorations

With the festive season fast approaching, it’s time to refine your tablescapes and update your seating plans to ensure you and your guests can enjoy stylish surroundings and an elegant environment. Whatever type of events you’re hosting this season, you’ll want to make sure that your holiday tablescapes enhance the atmosphere and complement your décor. For inspiration, take a look at our top tips to create unrivalled dining tables for festive entertaining:

1. Use a Runner to Showcase a Statement Dining Table

If your dining room features a statement table, like the Billie Dining Table with Red Marble Top by Hommes Studio, you won’t want to cover it up with a full tablecloth. Instead, use a table runner to dress the table while still displaying the decorative elements of your dining suite.

It can be hard to beat classic white table linen, but the holiday season is the ideal time to add some sparkle. The Peacock Party Runner or the Bollicine Party Runner, both by Claudia Barbari, feature elegant metal studs and a jewel effect trim respectively, which will add a shine to your tablescape and set the tone for a special occasion.

Peacock Party Runner by Claudia Barbari

2. Add Winter Foliage

Winter foliage gives any holiday tablescape an unrivalled festive feel, so don’t hesitate to integrate it into your design. From pinecones and holly to birch-wrapped candleholders and mini evergreens, there are a variety of ways to incorporate winter foliage into your holiday table decorations.

If you’re artistically minded, you may want to create your own table accessories using locally sourced foliage but make sure you leave yourself enough time to unleash your creativity before freshly-cut stems or leaves begin to droop.

Incorporating fresh greenery or flowers into a tablescape can be an excellent way to reflect the festive atmosphere and ensure your dining table makes an impact but be wary of using foliage that carries a scent. Freshly-cut flowers should be moved away from the dining table well before anyone begins eating, for example, so that the aroma doesn’t overpower the food. Highly-quality faux foliage and flowers are a great alternative that will overcome this obstacle and enable you to prepare your centrepieces in advance.

3. Choose Metallic Accessories for a Glam Feel

Metallic holiday table decorations are a chic and stylish option for festive entertaining and they’re an effective way to lighten the room too. Metals will reflect the lighting in the room and ensure that a festive glow surrounds you and your guests.

The Safari Elephant Head Centrepiece on Crystal Base by Rezon Silverware can be a spectacular addition to a festive dining table, while the T4 | Cake Stand by Grace Souky incorporate metals in an understated and discreet way.

Available in both silver and gold, the Little Rose Napkin Rings by Casarialto are a fantastic option for Christmas table decorations, particularly if you’re hosting extended family or close friends. If you enjoy planning a more formal event than usual for the big day, these exquisite napkin rings will add to the festivities, while a silver or gold hue will elevate your table design.

T4 | Cake Stand - Limited Edition by Grace Souky

4. Increase Depth with Different Textures

If you only use one texture in your holiday tablescape, the overall appearance could be rather one-dimensional. However, using different textures is an easy way to add depth to a tablescape.

Feature leather placements, like the Pinetti Rectangular Placement with Round Corners atop a linen table runner. Similarly, a metal underplate, like this Balance Dinnerware Dinner Set by ACH Collection situated beneath a dinner plate is an easy way to incorporate more textures into your holiday tablescape. When you combine these with other holiday table decorations, such as winter foliage and candle holders, you’ll see just how many textures can be added to the simplest of designs.

Balance Dinnerware Dinner Set by ACH Collection

5. Use a Bold Colour

If there’s one time of year that you can go all out, it is the festive season, so don’t hesitate to make your tablescape one for the history books. When you’re entertaining over the holidays, you can use colour to add visual interest to your dining table.

Choose Hexagonal Placements in Calf Leather by Pinetti in a vibrant hue and accompany them with matching napkin rings for a seamless look. Alternatively, use luxury plates in a bold colour to add warmth to your holiday tablescape. The Realach Dinnerware Canape Set is hand-painted in rich red, from the ACH Collection and Tropical Birds Napkin Rings Set by Casarialto adds an elegant pop of colour to any festive tablescape.

Tropical Birds Napkin Rings Set by Casarialto

6. Add Height to Your Tablescape

When you add elements of differing heights to your tablescape, it makes it more visually appealing. Furthermore, adding height to a dining table can differentiate between a special, festive occasion and an everyday dinner.

To incorporate vertical height into your tablescape, choose holiday table decorations and glassware that create the right impact. Add tapered candles to the Dual Candle Holders in Marble and Silver by Anna New York or the Transparent Glass Candle Holder by Casarialto, for example, and you’ll instantly add vertical height to your tablescape.

Combine with a striking centrepiece, like the Unity Bowl Marc Thorpe Glass and Metal by Venini or Idyllic Summer Medium Glass Vase by Studio Sahil, and you’ll have a dramatic tablescape that makes an instant visual impact.

Idyllic Summer Medium Glass Vase by Studio Sahil

7. Incorporate Personal Touches

When you’re celebrating the holidays with loved ones, it’s the perfect opportunity to incorporate personal touches into your Christmas table decorations. Handwritten place cards or personalised tealight holders are a meaningful way to welcome your guests and highlight just how special a festive occasion really is.

Prepping Your Holiday Tablescape

One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to creating a stunning holiday tablescape is leaving it to the last minute! Start planning your table design now if you want to achieve the best results. From making sure that you’ve got all of the decorative accessories you need, to having a trial run to assess the effect, it’s well worth taking the time to ensure your holiday tablescape is perfectly designed.