Bar Cabinet Ideas for Home

Your home is a space for relaxation, security, and entertainment, so why not make the most of it? After the initial excitement at New Year, the winter weather and dark days can seem drab and boring, which is why it’s important to ensure you have an array of at-home entertainment on offer.

By incorporating drinks cabinets or bars into the home, you can elevate your entertainment spaces and enjoy your environment so much more. Whether you’re relaxing over a casual dinner or spending time with friends, a home drinks bar increases the functionality of the space and can optimise its design too.

To find the ideal way to add a home drinks bar into your space, take a look at our top drink cabinet ideas:

1. Create a Dedicated Entertainment Zone

If you have the space available, why not devote some of your home purely to entertainment? Whether it’s a tranquil place in which to unwind with your favourite book or a high-tech games room complete with the latest consoles and screen walls, you can create an entertainment area that’s perfectly suited to your interests.

Renovating a basement to create a below-stairs entertainment zone or repurposing a room to design a new space gives you a great opportunity to inject a sense of fun into your home. Of course, a drinks cabinet or home bar is an essential component of any entertainment space. From custom-built bars to statement pieces, like the Regenta Bar Cabinet by Coleccion Alexandra, there are endless ways you can incorporate bar cabinet ideas for home into a dedicated entertainment zone.

Regenta Bar Cabinet by Coleccion Alexandra

2. Add a Drinks Cabinet to Existing Living Spaces

If you don’t have the room for a separate entertainment area or you don’t want to segment your home in this way, adding a home drinks bar to an existing living space can be an excellent alternative. When you add a decorative drinks cabinet, like the Traveler Bar High Sideboard by Coleccion Alexandra, to a living area, you immediately increase its functionality. With a bar cabinet that complements your interior, this can be a great way to enrich your design too.

If you spend your evenings relaxing in your main living area or this is the space in which you typically entertain guests, then bar cabinet ideas will work well here. Instead of having to leave the room to refill glasses, you can make the most of your time with your friends and family when you have access to a fully stocked drinks bar in your living space.

Traveler Bar High Sideboard by Coleccion Alexandra

3. Enhance Your Kitchen with a Built-In Bar

If you’re planning to renovate your kitchen, a built-in bar is a feature that shouldn’t be overlooked. When you add a home drinks bar to your kitchen, it’s easy to include options that require electrical power, such as refrigeration or ice makers. This enables you to keep drinks cool and serve them at the appropriate temperature, as well as enabling you to expand your repertoire of cocktails and blends.

There are plenty of bar cabinet ideas that can work well in a kitchen environment, but if you’re going for a full renovation, a custom bar that’s seamlessly integrated into your new kitchen design might be the most desirable option. This gives you the opportunity to explore your creativity and design a home drinks bar that’s suited to your needs and is inherently in keeping with your chosen interior design.

4. Make Your Home Drinks Bar Portable

If you’re looking for drink cabinet ideas that maximise functionality, then choosing a portable bar cabinet should be a top priority. This means you can move the cabinet easily from one space to another, which makes it easy to entertain guests in different parts of your home. Similarly, you can continually update the layout of open plan spaces when you choose furniture that offers mobility and portability.

The Traveler Bar Cabinet in Leather is a great example of bar cabinet ideas that are innovative and adventurous. As well as offering an array of internal storage for bottles, drinks and barware, its swivel wheels and locks mean you can move it from one space to another in seconds. What’s more – it’s acclaimed design can be integrated into both modern and classic interiors.

Traveler Bar Cabinet Leather by Coleccion Alexandra

5. Make a Statement

If you want to add a statement piece of furniture to your interior, a bar cabinet could be a great option. The Tamara Drinks Cabinet in Sunburst, designed by Matthew Williamson for Roome London, is an excellent example of a statement cabinet that immediately draws the eye. With bold shades of green and blue representing the sea off the Balearic coast and the warm yellow of a hand-drawn sun, the exquisite style and vibrant colours make this an unmistakable statement bar cabinet.

Alternatively, the George Bar Cabinet in Graphite or Pearl combines drama and decadence to wonderful effect. On the one hand, the blacks, greys, and silvers make this bar cabinet seem sedate, yet the use of metallics and its angular, unconventional shape give this piece a high visual impact.

George Bar Cabinet Graphite by Coleccion Alexandra

6. Opt for Multifunctional Bar Cabinet Ideas

If space is at a premium, don’t assume that a drinks cabinet or home bar is an unnecessary luxury. Instead, look for ways to extend the functionality of the space by choosing furniture that fulfils a dual purpose. Select a sideboard or bookcase that features a hidden drinks cabinet, for example, or incorporate an ottoman with secret storage into your interior design. For a retro feel, you could even add a drinks trolley to your living space and enjoy the finer things in life without compromising on space.

Titan Cabinet by Duistt

Wash Away Winter Blues with Bar Cabinets and Home Drinks Bars

From enjoying a romantic meal to hosting a gathering with friends, a sophisticated bar cabinet will be a welcome addition to any event. Not only will it give the space added purpose, but it will take your interior design to the next level too. Whether you’re cultivating a contemporary, industrial, classic, or traditional vibe, you’ll find drinks cabinet ideas that match your style.