Prepare your garden for summer entertaining

As the temperature gets warmer and the days get longer, your garden is the ultimate place to entertain guests. Whether your outdoor space takes the form of a perfectly manicured lawn, a well-kept terrace or a contemporary tranquillity garden, you can transform it into a luxurious place to entertain friends and family in just a few steps. For inspiration, take a look at these top tips and get your garden ready for summer entertaining now:

1. Prioritise Stylish Seating

If you want to host outdoor gatherings, then comfortable seating is essential. Upgrading your outdoor furniture gives you a great opportunity to increase the amount of seating available and open your garden up for larger gatherings and parties.

With a statement piece, like the luxury Volaris Swing Bed by Hommes Studio, you can combine comfort with style and enhance your exterior design. The luxury garden swing chair bed is as functional as it is chic, which makes it the ideal addition to your garden design. Combined with relaxed easy chairs for informal evenings and an outdoor dining set for al fresco meals, you can ensure that you always have enough stylish seating to host any number of guests.

Volaris Swing Bed By Hommes Studio

2. Create a Focal Point

When you’re thinking about how to use your garden as the backdrop for social events, be sure to identify a particular focal point that you can build your design around. In the same way that you might use a statement piece of furniture or vibrant artwork as a focal point inside your home, find suitable pieces that can be used to draw the eye outside too.

A fire pit can be a fantastic centrepiece in any garden and there’s no doubt it will serve as an impressive focal point. When you’re looking for back garden fire pit ideas, be sure to take a look at the Kalam Fire Pit by Hommes Studio. The aged effect of the Corten steel ensures it will look sublime in both contemporary and classic gardens, while its freestanding functionality means it can be moved to any location. Combining versatility with a spectacular aesthetic, the right fire pit could be the pinnacle of your outdoor design this season.

Kalam Fire Pit By Hommes Studio

3. Incorporate Different Textures

If you are interested in interior design, you’ll already know how important texture is, and the same is true when you’re cultivating outdoor design too. By using a range of different textures, you can add depth to your design choices and elevate the visual impact of your styling. Crucially, using fabrics and textures to get your garden ready for summer will also increase the comfort of guests and ensure your outdoor space is ideal for gatherings.

Luxury designer rugs, like the Odessa Rug by Jennifer Manners, can look sublime atop decking or a patio and the distinctive gold detailing will look undeniably elegant in the twinkle of outdoor lights or candlelight. When you’re choosing a luxury rug for outdoor soirees, however, be sure to select materials that are suitable for use outside. Alternatively, you can have your favourite pieces modified so that they can be used at your outdoor summer soirees.

Almeria Large Basket By Pinetti

4. Feature Scatter Cushions and Accessories

Another way to incorporate multiple textures into your design is to feature scatter cushions and throws atop chairs, benches, and sunken seating. As well as enhancing comfort, these can be a stylish addition to any garden design.

Luxury scatter cushions, like the Gaga Leather and Fabric Cushion from the ACH Cushion, can add the finishing touches to your outdoor design and complement your furniture perfectly. What’s more – expertly styling scatter cushions can make the space feel as large or as intimate as you choose.

In addition to featuring cushions predominantly, be sure to have luxury throws available too. A warming throw, like the Ambar Braided Throw by Ambar Living, is perfect for relaxed, informal evenings and will help to keep your guests warm if the temperature starts to drop as the evening turns to night.

Pomegranate & Squirrel Velvet Cushion By Jacky Puzey

5. Plan Your Tablescape

Whether you’re sitting down to an alfresco dinner with your family or inviting friends over for drinks and a meal, you’ll want to ensure you have a wide range of tablescape ideas to work with. Summer table-scaping can be one of the most exciting aspects of planning an outdoor gathering, so be sure to use your creativity and be as bold as you choose.

A crisp white linen tablecloth always works well as a base, but luxury runners and placemats can be used to create a bespoke tablescape. From chic and understated, like the Shade Party Runner by Claudia Barbari to bold and vibrant, you’ll never run out of options when you choose a bespoke style, theme or colour palette for your summer table.

Of course, you’ll want to make the most of the season when you’re creating centrepieces for your table, so be sure to display luxury vases, like the Arizona Crystal Bowl by Reflections Copenhagen, atop your summer table.

Transparent Glass Palm Jug By Casarialto

6. Prepare for All Weathers

If you’re going to host an outdoor gathering in the UK, then it pays to be prepared for all weathers! However, you needn’t let a sprinkling of rain or a drop in the temperature drive your guests indoors. With some savvy styling and innovative accessories, you can ensure that your outdoor soirees are always a success.

As well as using a fire pit as a focal piece in your design, bear in mind that it can generate a lot of warmth too. By placing seating around your fire pit, you can ensure that guests stay warm throughout the evening. Alternatively, the Elektra Parasol Round Table by Hommes Studio is a great way to ensure there’s enough shade on hotter days and will allow your guests to enjoy the weather without sitting in direct sunlight.

Elektra Parasol Round Table By Hommes Studio

Enjoy the Great Outdoors This Summer

With summer right around the corner, now is the perfect time to re-think your garden design and get the space ready to host your nearest and dearest. By choosing the right furniture and accessories, you can transform your garden into the ultimate summer venue and enjoy entertaining throughout the season.