Adding Glamour to your Room with Flatwoven Rugs

Flooring is central to interior design, which means selecting the right flooring is important when you’re redesigning any space. However, it isn’t just luxury flooring that impacts the aesthetic and functionality of a room. The finishing touches, such as a flatwoven rug, can enhance the flooring and the room itself.

What’s more – designer rugs give you the opportunity to embrace new interior design trends and drastically alter how a room looks or feels in an instant. If you don’t have the time to embark upon a full renovation project, updating the textiles in your room and using a flatwoven natural rug can transform the space.

What is a Flat Weave Rug?

A flat weave rug is unique because of the way it is made. Unlike other types of rugs, it’s not created using knots. Instead, flatwoven rugs are made on a loom by weaving the material around warp thread pairs. As the maker doesn’t use knots to construct the rug, there is no tufted pile, and the thickness of the rug is kept to a minimum.

What are the Benefits of Styling with Flatwoven Natural Rugs?

Before you decide which luxury flatwoven rugs should adorn your property, it’s important to know what benefits they offer. If you want to know why every home should feature at least one flatwoven natural rug, take a look at some of the benefits they offer now:

1. Lightweight and Durable

Due to the unique way that flat weave rugs are made, they’re incredibly lightweight. Thinner than most other rugs out there, it’s easy to move a flatwoven natural rug from one location to another. This means you can maximize the versatility of your furnishings and use a flatwoven rug in various rooms in your home.

Furthermore, high quality flatwoven rugs are incredibly durable. Whether you update your interior design every season or you prefer investment pieces that will last a lifetime, flat weave rugs will never let you down.

Scallop Large - Ocean by Jennifer Manners

2. Easy to Maintain

People often place rugs in high traffic areas, which means they can be subject to a significant amount of wear and tear. If you choose a rug with a deep pile, you’re going to spend an awful lot of time trying to keep it clean and removing dust and debris from it.

In contrast, flatwoven natural rugs are typically easy to clean, which is particularly important if you have kids or pets at home! The natural thinness of the rug means that spills can be blotted with paper, while most flatwoven rugs are so lightweight that you can pick them up and take them outside to beat them. Similarly, flat weave rugs are easy to vacuum, providing they’re held in place, which makes them an excellent yet stylish choice for busy family homes.

3. Reversible Designs

The way that flat weave rugs are made means that their pattern is usually visible on both sides. With no need for separate backing, flatwoven rugs can be reversed and used on either side, which means they’re much more versatile than other types of floor accessories. Many flat weave rugs even feature bespoke designs on either side, so you can modify the aesthetic of the room any time you please.

4. Natural Materials

When you’re choosing a flat weave rug for your home, you’ll notice that they’re available in a variety of materials. At The Design Buzz, we favour flatwoven natural rugs made from wool and silk, like the Drops - Indigo with Ivory Rug or the Etosha – Silver Rug, both by Jennifer Manners.

The natural materials add extra softness to the texture of the rug and ensure it feels sublime underfoot. While the visual impact of furnishings and accessories is important, how they feel when in use should also be a top priority. By choosing flatwoven natural rugs, you can ensure that the material enhances the atmosphere and adds texture to the space.

Scallop - Denim by Jennifer Manners

Styling a Room with Flatwoven Rugs

If you want to add a touch of glamour to your home, a flatwoven rug is an effortless way to achieve your goal. For inspiration, take a look at these top tips for styling a room with a flatwoven natural rug:

1. Use Complementary Patterns

If you’ve fallen in love with a flatwoven natural rug with a bold pattern, make sure it will complement other patterns or prints in the same space. Alternatively, save bolder patterns for areas that are more muted. If you have single-colour walls and flooring, for example, a bold flatwoven rug, like the Hex – Candy with Grey rug by Jennifer Manners, can act as a stunning focal point.

Fern - Silver by Jennifer Manners

2. Layer Rugs for Added Impact

If one designer rug looks fabulous, why stop there? Layering rugs one on top of another can be a fantastic way to style a room. Place a smaller rug atop a larger one and ensure that there is an equal amount of fabric on either side. With a single colour rug as the base, you can use a more impactful design to complete the effect.

3. Place Flatwoven Rugs in Hallways

Hallways can be tricky to style because you want to maximise the space without it feeling bare. A flatwoven natural rug, such as the Pebble – Navy rug by Jennifer Manners, will do just that. Adding texture and softness to a typically cold space, a flat weave natural rug is ideal for hallways, corridors, or foyers.

As these spaces are generally high traffic areas, a flatwoven rug is also an effective way to protect luxury flooring while enhancing the interior design of your home.

Maze I - Ebony and Ivory by Jennifer Manners

Finding the Right Flatwoven Natural Rug

With so many ways to style flatwoven rugs and so many benefits associated with, it’s easy to see why they’re such a popular way to add glamour to any room. No matter what interior design style you prefer or what colour palette you’re using, you’ll find a variety of luxurious flatwoven natural rugs to enhance your home and elevate your style.