Modern Grey Dining Room Ideas

With endless shades and a variety of different hues, grey is a fabulous colour to use around the home. Whether you’re designing a formal dining room or a more relaxed space to enjoy family meals, choosing a grey colour palette gives you the freedom to elevate the room and maximise the impact of your design.

Sitting between the extremes of stark white and rich black, grey is a powerful neutral shade. Due to this, it can be used in different shades or complemented with accent colours to deliver a suave and elegant aesthetic. To help you style your space perfectly, take a look at these grey dining room ideas now:

1. Use Strong Saturations to Add Depth

The saturation of a colour essentially refers to its intensity, so a strongly saturated shade of red might be crimson or scarlet, while a lighter saturation might be a blush or rose. When it comes to grey, you can use a strong saturation to add depth to your colour palette.

A bold, deep grey can create either a warm or cool atmosphere, depending on its undertones. This gives you the opportunity to use colour to produce a warm and welcoming feel in your dining room or to establish a crisp and contemporary style. If you’re looking for grey colour ideas and you want to ensure your dining room has depth, use strong saturations and opt for bold shades.

George Bar Cabinet White Pearl by Coleccion Alexandra

2. Match Walls and Floors in the Same Shade

People often assume that walls and floors should be contrasting colours or materials but choosing the same shade for these areas can be a savvy way to enhance your interior design. Using the same shade on walls and floors can seem risky at first but it’s a sure-fire way to make the space feel more inviting. What’s more – you can use designer rugs, like the Treetops Rug in Thistle by Jennifer Manners, to break up the colour and add different textures into your design.

If matching the walls and floors in the same shade feels like too much, opt for similar shades that complement one another. A grey hardwood floor can look spectacular with pale grey walls, for example, and the differing shades will form a cohesive design.

Treetops-Thistle by Jennifer Manners

3. Use Accent Colours

If you’re worried that a grey colour palette will be drab or dull, don’t be. In fact, grey can be cool and contemporary or rich and traditional, depending on the shade you choose. Furthermore, adding accent colours into your design enables you to soften or enrich the neutral base even more.

When you want to use bold, vibrant colours in your home, pair them with cool grey for maximum impact. Alternatively, use warmer or darker shades of grey if you want to incorporate softer accent shades, such as mint or coral.

4. Pair Grey with Gold for Glamour

If you’re not sure which colour to choose an accent or what shades will complement your preferred shade of grey, consider using gold to elevate your design. Using both gold and grey in a dining room environment creates an effortlessly chic and glamorous space. With the George Bar Cabinet by Coleccion Alexandra in Graphite Grey or White Pearl, for example, you can incorporate grey and gold into your modern grey dining room ideas.

Alternatively, choose a statement dining table, like the Honeycomb Table by Royal Stranger, with gold leaf to add a touch of sophistication to your room. Similarly, designer tableware, such as the Balance Dinnerware Set from the ACH Collection, or decorative pieces, like the Goli Decorative Handle, also find the ACH Collection, can be a fantastic way to incorporate gold into a glamorous grey dining room.

George Sideboard Graphite Grey by Coleccion Alexandra

5. Incorporate Different Textures

Another way to add depth to your interior design is to use a variety of textures in a single space. When you’re designing a dining room, use grey colour ideas to find the perfect shades for floors and walls but don’t overlook the importance of fabric too.

When you’re selecting dining room chairs, for example, the fabric of the upholstery is just as important as the colour. The eco pelle and shaded tripolino fringe of the BA802 Pouff by Il Paralume Marina is a perfect example of how different textures can be used to enhance the visual impact of your design.

Similarly, if you’re designing an open-plan dining and living space, you may want to feature comfortable armchairs, fluffy throws or cosy blankets into the mix. If so, you can use shades from within your colour palette to ensure a holistic design, while varying the textures to maximise the impact they have.

Rectangular Placemat With Side Bands - Grey by Pinetti

6. Use Crisp White to Create a Feeling of Lightness

Grey works well with a variety of different colours but pairing it with crisp white is always going to be successful. Something as simple as white skirting boards or coving can really bring your design choices to life and showcase the depth of the colour on the walls or floor. While many homeowners choose to use grey to paint doors, window frames and accessories too, opting for white can make the space feel lighter and more open.

If you’re eager to experiment with modern grey dining room ideas but you’re worried that it will make the room feel smaller or drab, incorporating a splash of white will alleviate your fears and ensure your new dining room feels as fresh and light as you’d hoped.

Dunkirk 10 Light Chandelier Polished Nickel by Hudson Valley Lighting

Using Grey Throughout Your Home

Grey has been on trend for some time and it’s not likely to go anywhere anytime soon. As one of Pantone’s Colours of the Year for 2021, you can expect to see grey widely used by designers, stylists and fashionable homeowners for seasons to come.

While grey colour ideas are perfect for dining rooms, grey can also work well in other areas of your home. Indeed, its neutrality and versatility mean it can be the ideal shade for kitchens, bedrooms, living areas, nurseries and offices. With so many options to consider, make sure your home features a grey colour palette if you want to be on-trend in 2021.