Handmade Puzzles & Games

Whether you are searching for the perfect gift for a loved one, planning how to entertain your guests over the festive season, or looking to treat yourself to something special, handmade games and puzzles are the ideal choice.

With something for everyone, you can rely on handmade puzzles and traditional games to add fun and frivolity into your interior design. While high tech gadgets might be all the rage, you can’t beat a taste of tradition when it comes to bringing people together, and handmade board games will do just that.

What’s more – choosing luxury handmade puzzles means you can select pieces that complement your décor perfectly and enhance your interior with fun additions. For inspirations, take a look at these top handmade games and puzzles to treasure:

1. Chess and Checkers

You’ll have the choice of two games when you opt for the elegant Chess and Checkers Walnut Wood Board Game by Pinetti. The bicolour game board is finished in soft, grey leather, while the rich walnut wood is sure to add the finishing touch to any interior. With chess pieces in black and brass finishes, along with pearled checkers, this exquisite board game is as much a decorative piece as it is a fun way to spend time with friends and family.

Chess & Checkers Walnut Wood Game Board by Pinetti

2. Petanque Bowls Set

If you’re looking for metallic elements to brighten up your winter décor, look no further than the Petanque Bowls Set. The metal bowls accompanied by wooden jack look spectacular on display and will add a sleek, cool vibe to any interior. Set in a grained leather case in warm mango, they’re the perfect addition to a winter colour palette. While bowls is traditionally an outdoor game, this is a form of entertainment that can be adapted to anyway. Play on the patio, in the games room, or even in your living area and add a little competitive spirit to your next gathering!

3. Reversi Set

Originally invented in the late 19th century, Reversi is a game that continues to be popular. Designed for two players, each person takes it in turn to add a coloured disc to the board. By placing your coloured discs on either side of your opponent’s discs, you can cause them ‘flip’ to your colour. The aim is to ensure that you have the most coloured discs on the board when no further discs can be added.

Seemingly simply yet tricky to master, Reversi is a game of strategy that confounds and delights and exquisite Reversi Set by Pinetti only adds to its allure. Available in either Cream Calf Leather and Gold or Black Eco Shell and Gold, you can introduce a striking accessory to your interior when you add the Reversi Set to your coffee table, sideboard, or fireplace.

Reversi Set Cream Calf Leather & Gold by Pinetti

4. Pisa Luxury Tower Game

Handcrafted by artisans and beautifully assembled in a grained leather finish display case, the Pisa Luxury Tower Game is a charming addition to any room. Each piece is crafted from caneletto walnut wood and features the colour palette of your choice. Currently available in taupe, artic or pink, the Pisa Luxury Tower Game is a fantastic after-dinner game and a must-have accessory.

Players of all ages can join in the fun when you have this family favourite on hand. From relaxed evenings with your nearest and dearest to larger gatherings, you’ll need a steady hand and an air of concentration if you’re going to become the reigning champion!

Pisa Luxury Tower Game Leather & Walnut by Pinetti

5. Dominoes

Dominoes may have been a popular game for centuries, but Pinetti has made them into a must-have decorative piece with their Dominos in a Handcrafted Leather Box. Each domino is set in pearl resin, which gives them a spectacular metallic finish, while the handcrafted box is finished in grained leather and available in pink, navy blue, cream, grey, or artic. When open, two walnut storage and playing trays are revealed, which only adds to the elegance of this sensational handmade board game.

Easy and entertaining to play, having a stylish box of dominoes to hand ensures that guests can break the ice at any time. Additionally, the pearl resin finish, combined with grained leather in the colour of your choice, means you can complement your existing décor with this subtle yet striking game.

Dominoes in Handcrafted Leather Box by Pinetti

6. Labyrinth Maze Puzzle

There’s no doubt you’ll have seen labyrinth maze puzzles before, but you won’t have seen anything quite as special as the Arianna Square Labyrinth Maze Puzzle. Laser cut and finished in grained leather, its flawless design ensures it will look superb in your living area, dining room or study.

A classic puzzle that delivers hours of entertainment, the laser cut maze also offers a delightful aesthetic. The contrasting lines and twists and turns create an optical effect that merely enhances the visual impact of this puzzle and turns a classic game into a work of art.

7. Tic Tac Toe

Also known as noughts and crosses, tic tac toe is a game that’s endured throughout the years and now you can make it a permanent fixture in your own home. The Tic Tac Toe Game in Canaletto Walnut Wood is not only fun to play, but it’s also an inspiring addition to your interior design. The pieces, in Volterra alabaster, combined with the rich walnut wood and taupe grained leather finish, make this set an outstanding addition to dressing tables, desks, and coffee tables.

Tic Tac Toe Game in Canaletto Walnut Wood by Pinetti

Have Fun with Handmade Puzzles and Games

In a digital era, it’s easy to overlook the benefits that handmade puzzles and games can offer. However, it won’t take long until you find yourself absorbed in a chess match or challenging your guests to a game of bowls.

Whether you’re a dominoes champion, a reversi master, or a complete beginner, there’s no doubt that these handmade board games will unleash your competitive side and be a lively addition to your gatherings. From special gifts to luxury fireside entertainment, handmade board games and puzzles are an essential decorative accessory this season.