Luxury Home Office for Small Spaces

While millions of us have worked from home throughout the pandemic, remote working is set to become a more permanent feature in our lives. As companies recognise the benefits of a distributed workforce and employees crave a better work-life balance, long-term flexible working arrangements are likely to become the norm.

As we adjust to a ‘new normal’, it’s time to re-think our living spaces. Our homes and living spaces now need to provide a multifunctional environment that caters to our professional lives, as well as our personal lives.

Even if you’ve been working from home for some time, it’s unlikely that a temporary or makeshift workspace will suffice in the long term. Instead, it’s time to dedicate a space to homeworking and create a designated home office that inspires and motivates.

Fortunately, you don’t need a large space or even a separate room to create a productive and efficient working environment at home. With these top tips, you can make the most of home office ideas for small spaces and create your own multipurpose workspace:

Select the Best Location

Before you begin selecting home office furniture, think about where you can work best from home. The nature of your work will have a big impact on which areas of your home are most suitable as an office space. Similarly, if you share your home with other people, you’ll need to factor this in when deciding where to set up your home office.

If you spend a lot of time in online meetings, for example, you may want to choose somewhere that’s located away from high traffic areas. Alternatively, if you’re used to working against the backdrop of an open-plan office, you might enjoy the background noise of family life.

When your work demands privacy and peace, having a separate room as a designated office is most advantageous. If you don’t have a spare room you can convert into an office, consider installing a garden office or converting your attic or garage into a flexible workspace that can be used long-term.

Dara Desk Oak & Copper Polished Steel by Laskasas

Invest in a Desk

Your desk is where you’ll spend the majority of your time, so it must fit your needs. If you use numerous screens while working, you may need a larger desk that can house multiple monitors, for example. Alternatively, if you use a single laptop for work and space is at a premium, a more streamlined workstation, like the Slim Laptop Writing Table in Oak by Wireworks, might be ideal.

Although your desk should be supremely functional, you needn’t overlook its aesthetic qualities. A statement desk, like the 44 Office Desk in Oak and Walnut Leaf by Hommes Studio, combines form and function beautifully. Similarly, the Queena Desk in Gold and Marble, also by Hommes Studio, or the Mausam Designer Desk in Natural or Black Ash and Marble by Kam Ce Kam has a striking visual impact while still being practical.

Slim Laptop Writing Table Oak by Wireworks

Make Tech a Top Priority

You’ll need a functional tech setup in order to work productivity at home, so it’s vital to incorporate this into your design plans. When you’re looking for home office ideas for small spaces, it can be helpful to begin by thinking about what type of tech you’ll need on a day-to-day basis. From printers and chargers to wireless routers and screens, identifying your tech requirements will enable you to incorporate them into your home office interior design.

By doing so, you can ensure that trailing wires or visible cables don’t detract from the functionality or aesthetic. Even in a luxury home office small room, innovative styling can create a minimalist feel with hidden features that provide all of the tech you need.

New Anda Wall Clock by Nomon

Incorporate Flexible Seating

When you’re working from home, everyone will tell you how important it is to use a comfortable office chair. The right chair can enhance your posture and reduce the risk of work-related injuries, such as back pain or headaches. However, you don’t have to use just one office chair in your own home office.

Instead, use the space to incorporate flexible seating options into your working environment. This will enable you to switch from one chair to another, depending on the level of comfort you need. When you can adjust your workspace, it can increase creativity as well as keeping you comfortable.

What’s more – don’t focus solely on function when you’re selecting an office chair. If you’re creating a home workspace in a spared space, such as a living or dining room, choose a chair that complements the existing décor.

The Joanne Bar Chair by Hommes Studio can work exceedingly well as an office chair, for example, as can the Orion Chair by Scarlet Splendour. When you incorporate extra seating, such as the Max Armchair with Fur Velvet by Hommes Studio or Beelicious Chair by Royal Stranger, you can create a flexible working environment that elevates the interior design as well as maximising function.

Nora Chair Velvet Upholstered by Hommes Studio

Stay Organised

An organised workspace promotes efficiency and productivity and it’s particularly important to develop a clutter-free working environment when you’re designing a luxury home office small. However, being organised can also be a savvy way of enhancing the aesthetic of your workspace.

A Square Pencil Cup with Grained Leather Finish, matching Paper Tray and Mati Square Box, all by Pinetti, will provide the storage space you need and help you to stay organised and stylish. Similarly, the handcrafted Green Galuchat Bull Paper Weight by Lotus Arts de Vivre will keep your desk tidy and papers in one place while elevating the décor and creating a stunning visual impact.

Paper Holder Grained Taupe Leather by Pinetti

Create a Home Office in Any Small Space Now

As you can see, you don’t need masses of space to be able to create a functional and inspiring home office. With an array of home office ideas for small spaces, you can transform any part of your home into a productive working environment. By doing so, you’ll have the resources and surroundings you need to create a balance between your personal and professional life while working from home.