Housewarming Gift Ideas for Your Next Party

As the weather brightens up and the temperature increases, it’s the perfect time to get together with friends and family. This summer, millions of people will be reconnecting in person for the first time since lockdowns were introduced. Now that restrictions are easing in the UK and around the world, you’ll have the opportunity to catch up with loved ones and enjoy spending time together once again.

Of course, if you haven’t been able to see friends and family for some time, you’ll have a lot to catch up on and you may even be visiting them somewhere new. Despite some unavoidable delays, millions of people have taken advantage of the rising property market and moved into new homes.

This means you might have a few housewarming parties on your social calendar this season and, if so, you’ll need some inspirational housewarming gift ideas. To get started, take a look at these top gift ideas now:

1. Drinkware

Drinkware is an ideal housewarming gift because it’s something that the recipient can cherish forever, but it also serves a functional purpose and can be used in their new home on a regular basis. In addition to this, designer drinkware, like the Ikkis Chai Stem Glass Brass Set of 4 or the Kullar Goblet Terracotta and Copper Set of 4, enable you to give an exquisite gift that will complement any décor.

When choosing drinkware as a housewarming gift, base your selection on the recipient’s taste and style. Although you may not know how they’ve chosen to decorate their new home if this is the first time you’ll be visiting, you will have an idea of the interior design styles they appreciate. Use this knowledge to inform your decision-making and you’re sure to choose pieces that bring joy. 

Kullar Goblet Terracotta & Copper Set of 4 by Ikkis

2. Serveware

In the midst of moving house and redecorating or renovating a property, few families have a chance to invest in designer serveware. However, it’s a central element of a home and something that is used on a day-to-day basis, as well as for special events and occasions. If you’re looking for gift ideas housewarming party, serveware is certainly something to consider.

With Indian-inspired designs, traditional craftsmanship and exquisite materials, the Ikkis serveware collection is sure to enhance any home. From the Chakla Belan Platter in Marble and Brass to the Thaali Platter Fire in Pure Brass, you can choose serveware pieces that will enhance any home.

Thaali Platter Fire in Pure Brass by Ikkis

3. Candle Stands and Holders

Candles are a fantastic way to transform the atmosphere in any room, while statement stands and holders can create an impact and elevate the décor. While they can be used as tableware for celebrations and dinner parties, they can also be situated in living areas, home entertainment spaces and bedrooms and add the finishing touches to any interior design.

The versatility of the Dual Candle Holders in Marble and Silver by Anna New York or the Transparent Glass Candleholder by Casarialto enables you to give a stunning housewarming gift, even if you’re unsure of the style of décor the homeowner will choose.

If you’re more familiar with the recipient’s style, you may decide to opt for a bolder design, such as the Chicago T-Light Holder by Reflections Copenhagen or the 2 in 1 Candle and Vegetal Glass Holder by Casarialto.

Alternatively, why not select a designer-scented candle complete with holder? Both the Athena Doric Column Scented Candle in black or white by Waks or the La Cire Candle in Alabaster and Gunmetal by Anna New York deliver a sumptuous aroma while acting as a sensational decorative piece of art.

La Cire Candle Alabaster & Gunmetal - Gunmetal - Bois De Oud by Anna New York

4. Vases and Bowls

If you’re still searching for housewarming gift ideas, vases and bowls are perfect for every recipient. An important feature in any room, they can be used and displayed in a variety of ways and even moved from one area of the home to another to keep the interior feeling fresh and exciting.

Again, vases and bowls are great gift ideas housewarming party because you can be as bold as you choose when it comes to designs. With a brass exterior and crisp white interior, the Lota Tiffin White Enameled Brass Bowls by Ikkis can enhance any room, for example. Similarly, the intricate yet classic design of the Rhombus Vase by Il Paralume Marina ensures it will be a hit in any home.

If you’re choosing a housewarming gift and you already know what style of design the recipient has chosen for their home, you have the option to be bolder in your choice of gift. Pieces, such as the Senska Hand Painted Vase from the ACH Collection or the Faceted Tall Vase by Artel could, therefore, be the perfect choice of gift.

Lota Tiffin White Enameled Brass Bowls by Ikkis

5. Blankets and Throws

Perhaps surprisingly, luxury blankets and throws are a fantastic housewarming gift idea. Think outside the box and opt for something that will add comfort and warmth to the recipient’s home, while complementing their décor and design. From vibrant and playful designs, like the Ambar X Craig & Karl Throw by Ambar Living, to more aesthetically tranquil designs, such as the Mongolian Grey and Red Cashmere Blanket from Saved NY, there are endless options to consider. Whichever style you choose, you can be confident that a luxury blanket or throw will be a much-loved and cherished housewarming gift.

Ambar x Craig & Karl Throw by Ambar Living

Selecting the Best Housewarming Gift Ideas

When you’re choosing a housewarming gift, it’s important to use your knowledge of the recipient to inform your decision-making. While there are many generic gift options out there, selecting something that reflects their personality and taste will enhance their enjoyment of the gift and highlight the thought you’ve put into selecting it.

After all, when you’re choosing a gift that will be on display or used every day, it’s vital to ensure that it will bring as much joy and delight as you intend it to. Fortunately, the wide range of decorative pieces and home accessories at The Design Buzz makes it easy to find the perfect housewarming gifts this season.