Arranging Artificial Flowers

A luxury vase filled with blooms is the perfect accessory in any room but choosing artificial flowers can be even better than using freshly cut stems. With the right styling, high-quality faux flowers can be a fabulous addition to your home or workspace.

Benefits of Faux Flowers

If you are reluctant to forego the invigorating scent of fresh flowers, just take a look at the benefits associated with beautiful faux flower arrangements:

1. They Can Flourish Anywhere

If you choose to feature fresh flowers or plants in your home, you’ll need to ensure they’re situated in an appropriate location. Some plants require regular sunlight, for example, while putting freshly cut flowers in direct sunlight can make them wilt more quickly. In contrast, faux flowers can be situated in any space and will enhance your décor regardless of the amount of light they get.

 Holst Hand Painted Vase By ACH Collection

2. They’re Low Maintenance

Once you’ve arranged artificial flowers, you won’t need to do anything else to keep them looking perfect. With fresh flowers, however, you’ll need to constantly rearrange them as some of the buds wilt or die. Furthermore, freshly cut flowers typically only last for a few days, whereas faux flowers can be used for as long as you choose.

3. They’re Always in Season

If you opt for fresh flowers, you’ll be limited by what’s in season. Not only does this mean that you’re likely to be displaying the same flowers as everyone else, but it can also reduce the number of colours or shades that you can use to adorn your home. Of course, you’ll never have this issue with artificial flowers. Faux blooms can be used all year round, so there are no limits as to the displays or arrangements you can create.

 Dual Vase Marble & Gold - Carrara GLD By Anna New York

4. They Don’t Trigger Allergies

Pollen is a common allergy trigger, which may mean that fresh flowers need to be banished from your home. With beautiful faux flower arrangements, however, you can enjoy the stunning visual impact of buds in full bloom without causing family or friends to experience allergy symptoms.

5. They Look as Good as Real Flowers

When you choose high-quality artificial flowers, they can look and feel just as good as the real thing, particularly if you arrange them carefully. While faux flowers may fill your home with the same scent as real flowers, they certainly look just as good. In fact, artificial flowers can look even better than real blooms when they’re arranged in a vase because there’s no risk of wilting.

With so many benefits associated with faux flowers, it’s easy to see why so many savvy homeowners are making them an interior accessory. Before you can adorn your home with them, however, you’ll want to know how to arrange fake flowers in a vase and how to create beautiful faux flower arrangements. To get started, take a look at these top tips now:

  Teak Root Vase with Lotus Leaves and Flowers By Lotus Arts De Vivre

How To Arrange Fake Flowers In a Vase -Selecting Flowers and Vase Shapes

When you’re choosing which luxury vase to use, pay attention to the size of the opening and the height of the vast itself. A narrow neck can make it easier to arrange flowers, as it will provide more stability and support to the stems. If you’re new to flower arranging, choosing a vase with a narrow neck, like the Dual Vase Marble & Silver by Anna New York, can be an excellent option.

When using a vase with a narrow neck, limit the number of faux flowers you display. Adding too many stems to a vase can leave it looking overcrowded, which will mean that the beauty of the blooms is overlooked.

Typically, flowers should be no more than one-and-a-half times to twice the height of the vase. Take the time to cut the stems of artificial flowers before you arrange them so that they’re the perfect height for the vase as this will enhance their aesthetic.

 Dual Vase Marble & Silver - Carrara Slvr By Anna New York

Colours and Designs for Your Space

Before you decide which faux flowers to use, think about where they’re going to be situated in your home and what colour palettes they will be surrounded by. This will give you a clear idea of which hues will work well. However, you’ll need to take the colour or design of the vase into account too.

An elegant glass vase, like the Two Sands Narrow Rim Cut Glass Vase by Studio Sahil, can be used to display faux flowers in any colour, while the muted tones of a Calla Vase by Casarialto mean you’ll want to select flowers that complement its shade.

  Calla Vase By Casarialto

Displaying Your Luxury Vases

Vases are a fantastic form of interior decoration, so use them liberally throughout your home or workspace. Smaller pieces, like the Marble and Gold Designer Chimney Vase by Alex Mint can look exquisite on a desk or side table, for example. Alternatively, larger vases, like the Schlemmer Ceramic Bowl or the Holst Hand Painted Vase, both from the ACH Collection are ideal for sideboards and table centrepieces.

  Teak Root Vase with Silver Iguana By Lotus Arts De Vivre

Creating a Beautiful Faux Flower Arrangement

If you want to create a stunning display, begin by holding a selection of stems in your hand and adding one stem at a time to complete the arrangement. If you’re using multiple colours, add them alternately so there is an even distribution of blooms. Incorporating artificial foliage into your arrangement is a fabulous way to increase the number of textures used and will bring the display to life.

If you’re using a vase that isn’t transparent, you can use oasis to hold the stems in place. Simply cut it to size using a sharp-bladed knife and place it gently in the bottom of the vase. This will give your arrangement added stability and make it even easier to create a stunning display of faux flowers.

Make Faux Blooms a Permanent Fixture in Your Home

Once you know how to arrange fake flowers in a vase, you’ll feel more confident about taking risks and pushing the boundaries with your stylistic displays. This will give you the freedom to ensure spectacular arrangements are always on display in your home.