How To Create A Luxury Tablescape

Whether you have an open-plan living space or a designated dining room, creating a luxury tablescape can transform the environment and add a little decadence to your design. When you build your confidence and know exactly how to create a tablescape, you’ll be more inclined to do so on a regular basis. As well as enhancing the aesthetic of the space, this can be a great way to elevate the mood at mealtimes and combine form with function.

Top Casual Dining Room Ideas

Even if you have a rather formal dining room that’s separated from your kitchen and/or living room, giving it a more casual feel will ensure it becomes part of your day-to-day life. Afterall, reserving a formal dining room for special occasions means you’ll miss out on using the space regularly. Of course, if your dining area is part of an open-plan living environment, casual styling is ideal for laidback meals and late-night chats around the table.

To make your dining space feel more casual, choose comfortable chairs. When you match your dining room furniture with the surrounding colour palette, it acts an invitation to relax and unwind, thus emphasising the casual aspect of the space. Laidback shapes, like scooped chairs and oval backs, are not only comfortable to use, but they also create a casual silhouette and enhance the aesthetic.

With statement lighting from Square in Circle, you can create a focal point above the table, which will draw the eye and ensure your luxury tablescape is perfectly showcased. What’s more – the right lighting can give a more formal feel for when you’re entertained or create a more relaxed atmosphere when you’re enjoying a casual meal with family and friends.

How to Create a Tablescape

No matter what style your dining room table and chairs are, you’ll want to know how to create the perfect tablescape. With these top tips, you can enhance your creativity and put together a luxury tablescape at a moment’s notice.

1. Table Shape

First and foremost, consider the shape and size of your dining room table. For circular tables, low centrepieces tend to work best, so factor this into your tablescape design. Alternatively, liner tablescapes are ideal for rectangular pieces. If you’re creating a tablescape for a particular event, also consider how many people will be attending. When guests can enjoy spacious placements, you have more scope to create an expansive tablescape. In contrast, a more crowded table may call for a minimalist approach to your table design.

                                          SOU-The One Dining Table By Coleccion Alexandra

2. Tablecloths and Runners

Before deciding which tablecloth and/or runner to use, take a moment to decide whether you need them at all. An ornate marble or contemporary gloss-topped table can be the perfect backdrop to your tablescape, so don’t cover up your table unnecessarily.

If you do want to use tablecloths, consider the colour and design carefully. A crisp, white linen tablecloth is always an excellent choice, as you can be sure it won’t clash with your tableware. For circular tables, choose a cloth that reaches the floor as a base layer, before adding a square tablecloth on top.

While a white tablecloth is a go-to choice, a solid, bold colour can have a dramatic impact and elevate your table design. If you want to add contrast and enhance the visual appearance of your tablescape, use a table runner in a different colour or fabric. A patterned runner atop a block colour tablecloth can be the ideal base for your tablescape, for example.

                                                  Vinatge Party Runner By Claudia Barbari

3. Tableware and Glassware

The tableware and glassware are key components of your tablescape, and they set the tone for the rest of your table design. A simple water carafe or wine decanter from the Richard Brendon Collection can be a sophisticated addition to any table, while vibrant, luxury plates, such as the Realach Dinnerware set from the Ach Collection, will have a dramatic impact on your tablescape.

The tableware you select has the potential to add depth and texture to your table design, particularly if you layer your design. With placements, crockery, cutlery, and napkins artistically arranged, you can increase the volume of your tablescape, incorporating extra height and enhancing the visual appeal of your design.

                                            Realach Dinnerwear Canape Set By ACH Collection

4. Flowers and Accessories

Flowers are the ultimate accessory for any tablescape but choose blooms carefully. Anything with a heavy scent should be avoided, as this could affect the enjoyment of your meal. Choosing flowers that are in season ensures your tablescape will always be on-trend, so make this your guiding principle. By bunching stems together, you can create an exquisite arrangement that acts as an unobtrusive focal point.

Of course, you’ll need the right vases in order to showcase the flowers and make them a successful element of your table design. A marble and gold chimney vase from the Alex Mint Studio can be an excellent option for a tablescape, particularly as they add height without taking up a significant amount of space.

To enhance your tablescape, choose extra accessories, such as candleholders or table accessories to add the finishing touches to your design. While these are ideal for formal dinners, a more relaxed style ensures they work well as casual get-togethers too.

                                                 Bugs Cocktail Napkins By Claudia Barbari

Designing a Luxury Tablescape

When it comes to creating a luxury tablescape, you are free to be as creative as you choose. If you want to personalise your table, then handwritten place cards or even bespoke trinkets can be a wonderful addition. While you may not feel the need to use these on a daily basis, they’re certainly a fantastic way to elevate your table design for special occasions.

Whether you’re setting the table for a family meal or styling your dining room for an elegant dinner party, knowing how to put a luxury tablescape together will always stand you in good stead. Not only will it enable you to host a sophisticated soiree, but it will also ensure that you can add a touch of luxury to every meal.