How to Style and Dress a Coffee Table

A coffee table serves a practical purpose in the home and it can often be the focal point of your living room, conservatory, or second reception room. In an ideal world we would always have immaculately presented coffee tables with neat arrangements of reading material, pretty floral arrangements and other accessories to make it look as if it’s been styled as you would see in a luxury home brochure. The reality of course is very different. Children’s toys, homework, gadgets and TV remotes all take up space. Function often wins in our busy lifestyles. 

How Can You Find The Right Balance Between Functionality & Style?

Some well-placed greenery can really lift a coffee table. Pencil cactuses, or cherry blossoms would work really well for this purpose.

If space only allows for a small coffee table, try to avoid filling it with different items. Just place a mini vase or flowers, or a single, small ornament and this will work really well.

A round coffee table can sometimes present a bit of a challenge. This type of table will always look better when items are placed in a triangular shape, using the likes of a tray, a bowl and a stack of books. Too many square objects can detract from the look that you are trying to achieve.


How to Decorate a Coffee Table

Add decorative items such as a vase, heirloom object or candle holder which will add an element of interest. Trays and boxes are a great addition because they are a way to keep all of your items organised. Things such as remotes, small items such as coasters and more can all be neatly stored away. Some well styled boxes can sit neatly underneath.

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Deciding what to put on a coffee table can really add some interest. Well placed family mementos or souvenirs always work well. Interesting objects and ornaments always make more of a statement when they are pride of place on the coffee table.

You can also use the space to display your collections such as antiques, bowls and more. Luxury coffee tables can be used to display your most prized possessions.

The most important thing to remember when dressing a coffee table is to consider how it is used. Do you use it to play board games, or is it somewhere you place a drink and snacks when watching tv or do you use it to store books if you love reading? You may have the best ideas when styling a coffee table but they also need to be functional too.

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