Transform a Room With Statement Chandeliers

Lighting plays a critical role in every room, both in terms of aesthetics and the atmosphere. A bright and airy room filled with natural light gives a feeling of openness, for example, whereas a room that’s illuminated with soft lighting creates a more intimate feel.

When you’re choosing lights for your home, it’s important to consider the visual impact it will have, as well as its functional role. If you want to transform your room, it doesn’t get much better than statement chandeliers. Acting as a focal point and complementing your décor, a chandelier can elevate any space.

However, choosing a chandelier isn’t always straightforward. As well as getting the right style, you’ll need to ensure that the size and placement are right too. With this in mind, take a look at our top tips for enhancing your home with statement chandeliers:

Chandelier in Brass & Lilac by II Paralume Marina

1. Identify the Best Rooms for Chandeliers

You’re unlikely to hang a chandelier in every room in your home, so where should you put them? There are no hard and fast rules that state chandeliers should only be used in specific rooms, such as dining or living rooms, but you may want to choose spaces that are voluminous.

When you’re adorning a space with an intricate chandelier, like the Chandelier Coloured Pendants by Il Paralume Marina, you’ll want to ensure that every aspect of it can be seen and appreciated, which means larger rooms are best suited for statement chandeliers.

Similarly, chandeliers work well when they can be admired from afar, as well as up close. The Chandelier in Mariateresa by Il Paralume Marina, looks spectacular from a distance, for example, so make the most of it in larger areas, such as foyers and hallways.

In many homes, it is the living area that is the largest open space, so you may want to choose this room as a definite place for statement lighting. With a variety of living room chandelier ideas, you’ll be spoilt for choice when selecting a statement chandelier for your living space.

Chandelier Coloured Pendants by II Paralume Marina

2. Know How to Size and Select

Although chandeliers can work well in a variety of rooms, the success of your lighting design depends on the size and scale of the pieces you choose. You won’t want a chandelier to complete with statement furniture directly below it, for example. Decide whether you want your chandelier to be a statement piece or whether you want it to blend seamlessly into the room. This will give you an idea of the size and scale that you’re looking for.

Larger pieces, like the Rectangular Chandelier Brass or the Chandelier in Cast Brass with Lilac Lampshades, both by Il Paralume Marina, are undoubtedly statement pieces and will require a significant amount space, so larger rooms are most suitable.

However, more streamlined options, such as the Cascade Chandelier or the Chandelier with Murano Glass Balls, can look superb in smaller spaces or when used in conjunction with other statement pieces.

For a simple way to determine which size to choose, look at the dimensions of the space. The width and length of a room in feet can easily be used to calculate the appropriate horizontal size of a chandelier. Simply add the width and height of the room to determine a suitable diameter for your chandelier. If the room is 12ft x 16ft, for example, a 28-inch diameter chandelier is the ideal size.

To calculate the vertical length or drop of the perfect chandelier, use the height of the room in feet and calculate by 2.5 or 3 and choose a chandelier that has the same vertical length in inches. If a room has a height of 10 feet, for example, a chandelier with a vertical length of 25-30 inches is best suited to the space.

Rectangular Chandelier Brass by II Paralume Marina

3. Combine Classic and Contemporary

When it comes to chandeliers, you don’t have to stick to just one interior design theme. In fact, adding a classic chandelier to a contemporary space can be a fantastic way to incorporate a traditional twist into modern living. Conversely, using contemporary lighting in a more traditional room can update the interior and combine a range of styles.

The Pilsen 6LT Chandelier by Hudson Valley Lighting is an exquisite example of a contemporary chandelier that will complement any environment. The deep bronze finish and the perforated steel plates allow crackling light to seep through and illuminate the area, while the hard edges and smooth curves add an aesthetic contrast that enhances its style.

Similarly, the spectacular Liberty 12 Light Chandelier in Polished Nickel, also by Hudson Valley Lighting, is a statement piece that’s contemporary in design yet is capable of enhancing any space. With ballooning clear glass creating a primary light source, as well as handcrafted icy rods and cut-crystal discs throwing the light in endless different ways, it’s easy to see how a contemporary chandelier can be perfectly suited in both modern and traditional spaces.

Liberty 12 Light Chandelier Polished Nickel by Hudson Valley Lighting

4. Factor in Furniture

If you’re going to hang a chandelier above furniture, remember to factor this in when you’re calculating the ideal size. A chandelier can look sensational above statement furniture, such as the Tower Dining Table in Black Marble by Hommes Studio, providing it doesn’t compete for attention.

When you’re using a chandelier in this way, consider a piece with a shorter vertical length than you would if you were hanging it above an empty space. Similarly, assess how much of the furniture you want to be covered by the chandelier itself. Ideally, the chandelier should cover half or two-thirds of the furniture beneath it, so make sure you size it appropriately before deciding which lighting is right for the space.

Tower Dining Table Black Marble by Hommes Studio

Transform Your Room with Statement Chandeliers

Whether you choose a contemporary or classic design, there’s no doubt that a chandelier can transform any room. From adding an irresistible touch of glamour to creating an intimate, relaxing space, a chandelier is the perfect way to combine form and function in any home environment.