How to Use Grandmillennial Style Effectively

Finding the right interior design for your property is about more than simply enhancing its best features. While you’ll certainly want to showcase your home’s reining qualities with your design, using the latest trends to do so can elevate your style.

As well as giving you the opportunity to experiment with different themes, patterns, and colours, embracing new interior design trends gives you the chance to keep your home feeling fresh and invigorating.

If you want to stay on-trend in 2021, there’s no doubt that Grandmillennial style should be a fixture in your home. Characterised by traditional themes with an updated twist, this quaint style is hitting the mark with fans of both modern and traditional design. Read on to find out everything you need to know about this innovative new design and find out how to incorporate it into your home now.

What is Grandmillennial and Where Did It Come From?    

For avid fans of interior design, the first question on your lips this season should be, what is Grandmillennial?

At first glance, Grandmillennial style may seem stuffy or outdated but, look a little closer, and you’ll see that it’s filled with traditional pieces with modern twists. Affectionately known as granny chic, there’s certainly a feeling of antiquity and nostalgia in Grandmillennial designs, but it doesn’t eschew modernity altogether.

Instead, Grandmillennial seeks to update the traditional pieces we’re so quick to discard and to breathe new life into patterns and textures that are often overlooked. Think chintz, ruffles, and floral prints and you’re partway to Grandmillennial.

With inspiration from neo-Victorian and maximalism, Grandmillennial is about as far away from empty, minimalist rooms as you can get. Instead, you’ll find that Grandmillennial design encourages you to embrace your personality and unique style to create surroundings that you adore.

 Sea Shells Design Cashmere Blanket By Saved NY

Why Textures and Patterns Work and Don't Work

Textures and patterns are a common feature in Grandmillennial design. In fact, there are multiple textures and patterns in any Grandmillennial design. However, don’t make the mistake of simply trying to squeeze in as many different textures and patterns as you can.

If you’re going to use patterned wallpaper to decorate a room, for example, take a more pared-back approach in other areas. Perhaps a discreet, matching pattern on the upholstery of dining chairs and solid coloured fabric on sofas and armchairs, for example.

Overcrowding can make a room feel ‘busy’ and chaotic, particularly when it comes to patterns and textures. In contrast, Grandmillennial style should feel comforting and cosy, so use patterns and textures to envelop you, and don’t make them compete for attention.

Where to Use Patterns and Textures, Matching and Clashing    

With any other design, you might spend your time trying to avoid patterns or colours clashing but, with Grandmillennial design, you can positively aim for clashing décor! You can use patterns fairly freely if you’re incorporating Grandmillennial styling into a room, whether it’s patterned wallpaper in your living area, patterned bedding in your bedroom, or patterned tiling in the kitchen.

However, you don’t have to rely on multiple patterns to embrace Grandmillennial style. If you want to retain your individual style while incorporating this exciting design into your aesthetic, use block colours instead. A solid colour painted wall with a clashing headboard lends itself to Grandmillennial bedroom style without being too over-the-top, for example.

Similarly, clashing china teacups with upholstery on your kitchen chairs will incorporate Grandmillennial styles into your kitchen, without competing for attention. Grandmillennial designs put an emphasis on individuality, so don’t feel too restricted when it comes to which patterns work where. Instead, be guided by your own unique style and experiment to discover the best looks.

Sparta 12 Light Chandelier Aged Brass By Hudson Valley Lighting

Fabric Selection, Cushions, Throws, Wall Art, Wallpaper

When you’re incorporating a Grandmillennial theme into your design, don’t hesitate to use a wide variety of accessories. After all, Grandmillennial is maximalist, not minimalist. Use strategic placements to prevent the room from feeling overcrowded but certainly embrace accessories.

When you’re selecting fabrics, cushions, throws and wall art, it’s the ideal way to use patterns and colours that may clash with one another. A cushion that clashes with a throw gives a nod to Grandmillennial design without being too jarring, for example.

If you’re going to use Grandmillenial design in your own home, there’s one feature you won’t want to overlook: china. From delicate china plates and cups for afternoon tea to collections used as wall features, there are a variety of ways you can incorporate this classic material into your design.

 Edelweiss Snow Silk Suzani Cushion Double Sided Ikat By Heritage Geneve

Examples of Rugs, Wall Features, Wall Art, Throws

If you want to know how to incorporate Grandmillennial, or ‘granny chic’, into your own home, take a look at the fabulous Labirent Velvet cushion and the Ivy Plant Silk cushion, both by Heritage Geneve. Both feature unmistakable patterns that can be paired with patterned upholstery or luxury throws, like the Floral and Polka Dot blanket by Saved NY or the textured Escape throw by Claudia Barbari.

To add even more granny chic into your design, use pieces, like the Scallop flatwoven rug by Jennifer Manners or the Honeycomb rug by Royal Stranger to add patterns and textures from the ground up.

Incorporating wall features and art can add the finishing touches to a Grandmillennial design, so choose pieces that extend the theme and match your style. Both the Ibiza Round Decorative mirror and the Morritz wall mirror by Hommes Studio can be excellent additions to Grandmillennial design.

Honeycomb Rug By Royal Stranger

What Does Grandmillennial Mean to You?

Although Grandmillennial design does heavily feature patterns and textures, it encourages individualism at every turn. This means you can be as experimental as you choose when incorporating granny chic into your own home. Designed to create a cosy and comforting environment, Grandmillennial should evoke a sense of nostalgia and sentimentality, while still being functional enough to facilitate modern day living.

By blending traditional styles with updated twists, patterns, and colours, you can embrace Grandmillennial style in any room or environment and create your very own Grandmillennial haven.