IGGI Interior Designs Top 10 Design Favourites

At The Design Buzz, we enjoy learning about what inspires the most talented designers.

In this video, we gain insight into what grabs the attention of Susan White from IGGI Interior Design. She gladly spent time compiling a list of 10 stellar products found on The Design Buzz, and told us why she loves them so much.

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1. Brown Leather Lion Stool #21 - This stool is more than just functional; it’s also an artistic and decorative piece that Susan likes for its craftsmanship and uniqueness.

2. Senska Hand Painted Vase - Susan would use this vase to add character to a space.

3. Rock Chair - Susan dubbed this the perfect statement chair that’s fit for a king or queen.  

4. Peacock Embroidered Velvet Cushion - This luxurious decorative cushion made it onto Susan’s list of favourites because it can serve as a stunning addition to any home.   

5. Ita Gemstone Cheese Plate & Gold Spreader - Sand GLD - Susan included this item on her list because it can easily add elegance to any table.

6. Dominoes - Because it’s one of Susan’s favourite games, she had to make sure this item made it onto her top 10 list.   

7. Victoria Rug - This eye-catching rug caught Susan’s attention, and she recommends it for any space that needs a little extra character.   

8. Mouth Mirror - Susan couldn’t resist this mirror’s fun and funky design.   

9. Leather Key Ring / Bag Charm - Marmaduke Butte – Susan recommends this cute accessory because it’s both beautiful and functional.

10. Mini Guffy Bookcase Leather & Gold - According to Susan, this uniquely designed piece will fit in perfectly with any luxury design scheme.

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