Maria Cheung's Top 10 Design Favourites

We invited some of the world’s most talented designers to The Design Buzz to check out the products on our website and pick their favourites.

In this video, we showcase Maria Cheung, who is a senior interior designer at Shalini Misra Ltd., an award-winning, London-based interior design studio that’s known for their luxurious style.

Maria compiled a list of her top 10 picks for items you can find in our online shop, and we’re excited to share her selections with you!

If any of the items showcased in this video catch your eye and you must have them, or you just want to learn more about them, click on the links below to go to the product pages. Once there, you can place your order and get something special for yourself!

1. Mera Chair by Kam ce Kam - Maria loves this chair’s cane, and also commented on its beautiful shape.

2. George Bar Cabinet by Colección Alexandra - This exceptional piece caught
Maria’s eye, and she described it as very unusual and fun.

3. Cotisso Vase by Casarialto - Maria likes that this vase is one-of-a-kind, as each piece from the collection is unique.

4. Monkey Velvet Cushion by ACH Collection - Maria described this decorative cushion as cute, and we couldn’t agree more.

5. Quadrant and Sphere Light by Circle in Sqaure - Maria couldn’t resist the outstanding design of this wall light.

6. Geometric Task Light by Square in Circle - Maria was attracted to this light’s great design.

7. Lunnete Table by Alex Mint - The beautiful materials of this table are
what stood out most to Maria.

8. Galaxy Blanket by Saved NY - The fun design of this blanket helped get it into Maria’s top 10.   

9. Graceful Counter Stool by Royal Stranger - The vibrant red colour of this counter stool was one of the features that made Maria add it to her top 10 list.    

10. Daro Wall Clock by Nomon - Maria loves this wall clock’s simple yet elegant design.

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