Interview with Coleccion Alexandra

 On this episode of The Buzz, Charles Stephenson spends a bit of time interviewing Juan Manuel Ventura, who is the general manager of Coleccion Alexandra, a brand that’s renowned for their luxury furniture and home décor. 

Founded in 1994 by Madam Maria Guinot, this family-run business has grown substantially since then, so Juan begins this interview by sharing the inspiration behind Coleccion Alexandra. He discusses his mother’s background in the field of interior design, and how she worked towards designing her own furniture.

Juan also talks about Coleccion Alexandra’s evolution, including why they started off creating classic style furniture before transitioning to a modern aesthetic in order to meet the demands of interior designers and consumers. It’s fascinating to hear how far they’ve come since the time his mother decided to start her business.

After discussing some of his favourite collections, Juan dives into the production process and the various techniques that their artisans use. You get a glimpse into what it takes to create the outstanding furniture that has made this brand so popular around the world. And he also shares the innovative methods (such as the use of solar energy) that the business is currently using to become more environmentally friendly.

Before concluding this chat, Charles asks Juan to discuss some of his plans for the future. With a goal of becoming a go-to source for avant-garde furniture, Coleccion Alexandra is working on a new collection for designers across the globe, and Juan goes into some of the steps that they’re taking to ensure they can elevate their business to the next level. 

If you’d like to view some of the many beautiful pieces produced by Coleccion Alexandra, where you can also place an order so you can get some of these items for your own home!