Interview with Casarialto Glass Accessories

Welcome to another episode of The Buzz! This time, Shalini Misra talks to Catherine Urban from Casarialto, a brand that was founded in 2008 and is well-known today for its stunning glassware.

To get started, Catherine dives into her past and some of the places where she has lived. She also shares that she’s always been attracted to glass for various reasons, including the fact that it is an eco-friendly and versatile material.

Although she faced some challenges and it took years to set her foundation once she decided to pursue design work using glass, Catherine was able to learn valuable lessons along the way, and that’s part of the reason why she has been able to maintain her success in this field.

Shalini then asks Catherine to discuss the history of Murano glass making. Catherine is a wellspring of information on the background of this type of glass and how it is produced, so she dives deep into how it became what it is today. And she takes some time to talk about different types of glass that can be used to create stunning pieces, from décor to tableware and more.

Casarialto has made hundreds of products, so Catherine talks about what inspired her to create these items, and how special each and every piece is to her. She also discusses how her clients’ feedback influences her decisions, and how important it is for her to know that she has been able to make items people will use and cherish.

If you would like to add outstanding glassware that is handcrafted and handblown to your collection, you can view and purchase products on the Casarialto collection page. There, you will find items that range from glasses and jugs to trays and stools that are sure to be conversation starters!