Interview with Grace Souky Luxury Home Accessories

During this episode of The Buzz, Charles Stephenson talks to Grace Souky, who designs luxurious products for the home. Now based in London, Grace was born in Venezuela and has created her own label with a signature style. If you’re interested in homeware that is functional and beautiful, this is definitely a brand you’ll want to check out!

Grace talks about her background in architecture and industrial design and how it
influences the way that she designs her products, and she dives into what ultimately inspired her to start her business. For example, her childhood in Venezuela has influenced her designs in the world of kitchen products like cake stands, cake servers, bowls, and other accessories.

Something that helps this brand stand out from others is the care that Grace takes fromstart to finish to ensure products are long-lasting and as natural as possible. She also discusses the importance of creating pieces that are timeless and not merely seasonal. In addition to that, her goal is to work in a sustainable way, and to work well with every factory she collaborates with.

After discussing her background, Grace talks a bit about how she creates all of the designs herself, so when you purchase a product from her shop, you know you’re getting something she envisioned. Grace then goes into her new collections, such as her latest products that have a focus on mindfulness, which is so important in today’s world, as we all need to slow down a bit. And the brand is also taking advantage of the fact that more and more buyers are interested in purchasing higher quality items while supporting small businesses like the Grace Souky brand.

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