Interview With Hommes Studio

On this episode of The Buzz, Charles Stephenson has an interesting chat with Micael Carvalho and Joana Santos of Hommes Studio, which is a brand known for eye-catching and truly unique furniture and home accessories, such as tables, sofas, beds, lamps, and mirrors.

To start the interview, Micael and Joana dive into what inspired them to start their business. They discuss how their experiences, travels, and passion for design and culture have helped them craft extraordinary interior design products. Rather than restricting their team to a particular style, they happily use a range of styles, so you can find pieces that showcase a mix of qualities from various design eras.

What also differentiates this business is the fact that their pieces are handcrafted by talented artisans. And because of the creativity and precision involved, it can take months for a single product to be made. Ultimately, these items shine with a uniqueness you simply can’t get from items that come out of a factory.

Micael dives deep into the process that goes into the creation of their furniture and accessories, and Joana shares some of the benefits that come with handcrafting their products. She explains that working closely with clients to change small details is possible because they focus on making their products by hand rather than on machines.   

Yet another topic that’s covered is the brand’s approach to sustainability, and the steps they take to make their items as eco-friendly as possible. The team is planning on releasing an eco-friendly collection this year, and they also talk about some of their other aspirations for the future.

If you’re intrigued and want to check out some of the remarkable furniture and accessories offered by Hommes Studio view their brand page where you can purchase one of these pieces for your own home.