Interview with Kam ce Kam Handmade Furnishings

During this episode of The Buzz, Shalini Misra enjoys chatting with Jehanara Knowles, who is the founder of Kam ce Kam. This is a contemporary furniture business that was founded in 2019 and continues to create versatile, modern pieces that are made in India.

Shalini begins by introducing Jehanara and her brand, which is proud to produce handmade furniture and accessories that can add a unique and eye-catching element to any space. Jehanara explains that Kam ce Kam means “at the very least,” and she discusses why she chose this name for her company. She also delves into the brand’s philosophy and goals, which include bringing beautiful designs to the market while helping to put India on the global stage of contemporary design.

Artisans make Kam ce Kam’s items by hand using various traditional techniques—in the end, the products are also capable of telling a story. And another factor that differentiates this business from others in the design world: they use natural, ethical, and sustainable materials. Jehanara shares what some of those materials are, and why she focuses on taking a natural approach.

While discussing her collections and some of the brand’s most iconic pieces, Jehanara also explains what inspired some of her designs, and she also talks about the processes that have gone into making the items in her collections.

In addition to designing and creating their own furniture and home accessories, Kam ce Kam has also begun collaborating with other designers, so this is another way they can offer extraordinary pieces that you can’t get from businesses that manufacture their products in factories.

Kam ce Kam is all about using traditional Indian materials, techniques, and designs while creating contemporary products for the modern world. If you’d like to view and purchase some of their popular furniture and accessories, from tables to cushion covers, visit the Kam ce Kam collection.