Interview With Richard Brendon Tableware

We’re here with another episode of The Buzz! This time, Shalini Misra sits down to chat with Richard Brendon, a talented designer who is based in London. His brand was launched in 2013 with the goal of creating attractive tableware with the help of expert craftsmen who are capable of producing long-lasting items you won’t want to get rid of. 

To begin this interview, Richard goes into his background and how he got his start in design. With an interest in beautiful antique tableware, he was able to create a standout product that featured a porcelain saucer with a mirrored cup. Combining classic and modern styles, a mirrored cup reflected the antique design of a saucer, creating a striking set for any dinner table. This is still one of the many popular items in his shop today.

For Richard, the goal is to create high-quality, timeless items. He has more than one factory that he uses to produce the items in his collections, so Shalini asks him to describe these factories and how they differ from one another when it comes to making everything from his crystal to his china tableware. It’s fascinating to hear how the processes differ to craft the items that are sold in his shop.

After discussing so much about Richard’s past and his influences, the conversation shifts to the future, and Richard shares a bit about what we can expect from this brand in 2021 and beyond.

Everything that Richard Brendon makes is for food and drink, and everybody needs these types of products in their everyday life, so there really is something for everyone in his collections, whether you’re looking for a piece that’s ultra-modern or one that features antique design elements.

To upgrade your tableware, or to find the perfect gift for someone special, you can view Richard Brendon’s products on The Design Buzz!