Jehan Knowles Top 9 Design Favourites

At The Design Buzz, we’re interested in learning about what inspires the world’s most talented designers, so we asked some of them to browse our website and choose some of their favourite products.

For this video, we asked Jehan Knowles, a senior interior designer at Shalini Misra Ltd., to share her top picks from the many design companies that are showcased on our website.

Jehan happily put together a list of her 9 favourites, and we’re ready to share them with you!

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1.Scallop Large- Coral - This rug’s scalloped edges and pink colour caught Jehan’s attention, and she loves the feminine details.     

2.Jasmine Swivel Armchair - Jehan described this chair as trendy and unique, and she likes that it’s practical but can also be a standalone piece in a space.

3.Fish T-Shirt - Because she loves the eco-friendly approach and story behind the brand, Jehan chose this adorable T-shirt as one of her favourites.

4.Rodon Wall Clock - This clock can double as art, thanks to its quirky look, according to Jehan.

5.Quadrant and Sphere - Jehan loves this amazing wall light, particularly because of its use of geometry.

6.Mausam Desk -  This desk isn’t just beautiful, it’s also functional, which is why Jehan had to add it to her list of favourites.

7.Ibiza Round Decorative Wall Mirror - This unique mirror caught Jehan’s attention because of the materials that were used to make it, and the fact that it’s both fun and practical.

 8.Round Marble Side Table Minus Arch  - Jehan couldn’t resist this lovely table, which boasts luxury materials.

9.Marshmallow Floor Mirror - Jehan added this sculptural mirror to her list because it showcases an attractive combination of materials. 

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