Living Room Lighting Ideas

A living room is predominantly a place to relax and unwind but, in reality, your living space is likely to serve a variety of purposes. From movie nights with the family and entertaining friends to overseeing homework and catching up on work, you may use your living room in numerous ways.

Lighting is a critical element in any room but, if you want to create the right ambience and maximise the functionality of your living room, it’s vital to get the lighting right. No matter what interior design style you favour, there are endless ways you can enhance the décor and create ambience with lighting. With this in mind, take a look at these top tips and find the right lighting ideas for your living room:

1. Add Layers of Lighting

Ceiling lights might be a must-have addition to your living room, but they aren’t the only way to illuminate the space. In fact, you’re missing out on the opportunity to elevate your style and increase the versatility of your living room if you’re relying solely on ceiling lights.

Using different light sources at varying heights allows you to adjust living room lights in an instant. From task-orientated lighting for when you’re working to soft, mood lighting for relaxation, layered lighting ensures you can match your surroundings to your mood.

When lights are controlled individually or in zones, it maximises flexibility and enables you to use the space in any way you choose. With ceiling lights, such as the Glow 3 Pendant by Kaia Ltd, floor-standing lamps, wall lights, and table lamps, like the Bloomsbury Table Lamp by CTO Lighting, you can maximise flexibility and use layered lighting to optimise the space.

Bloomsbury Table Lamp Polished White by CTO Lighting

2. Make a Statement

Living room lighting needs to be functional, but this doesn’t mean that it can’t be aesthetically pleasing too. When you’re looking for living room ceiling lights ideas, don’t be afraid to be bold and use your lights as a core feature in your room.

Statement ceiling likes, like the Sparta 12 Light Chandelier Aged Brass by Hudson Valley Lighting or the Chandelier Mariateresa Style by Il Paralume Marina will capture the eye even before they’re illuminated and act as the ultimate statement piece in your living room.

If you want to make a statement with a modern twist or you prefer clean lines, pieces like the Saturn Aged Brass 6 Light LED Chandelier by Hudson Valley Lighting or the Tappeto Volante Ceiling Light in Chrome by Venini could be the ideal way to illuminate your living room.

Sparta 12 Light Chandelier Aged Brass by Hudson Valley Lighting

3. Maximise Space with Lighting

If a corner of your living room isn’t well-lit, it’s unlikely to be used. This results in the usability of the room being diminished, which can affect how spacious the area feels. To prevent this from happening, make sure that every aspect of your living room can be well-lit at any time.

For permanent options, add a discreet wall light, such as the Sconce Zinc Acrylic Chrona Light by Graypants, and create a reading nook in the corner of your living room. Alternatively, position a floor-standing lamp, like the Tilt Floor Lamp by Square in Circle, in a strategic location to ensure your living room can be illuminated with the flick of a switch.

Tilt Floor Lamp White Scraplights by Graypants

4. Add a Pop of Colour

When you use living room lights ideas that add a pop of colour to the space, you needn’t wait for them to be turned on for them to have an illuminating impact on your interior design! Lights that incorporate vibrant colours, like the Table Lamp in Natural Lava by Graypants or the Pill - Individual Pill Pendant With Frosted Glass Base by Empty State, are a fabulous way to brighten the space and add an element of fun to your living room.

Pill - Individual Pill Pendant With Frosted Glass Base by Empty State

5. Add Symmetry with Ceiling Lights

In large living rooms or open plan living spaces, a single ceiling light might be insufficient in terms of functionality, but it could also be restrictive in relation to your interior design. Instead of relying on a single light to illuminate a large living space, incorporate two or more statement living room lights.

When you install multiple ceiling lights, you can break the room into distinct areas or zones. In open-plan living spaces, for example, you may choose to feature a statement ceiling light, like the Bertie in Blush Pink by Coldharbour Lights, over the dining area and atop an informal seating area. By doing so, you’ll differentiate between the different aspects of the space while balancing the room and retaining a seamless design throughout the environment.

Bertie in Blush Pink by ColdHarbour Lights

6. Choose Sculptural Lighting to Add Depth

Living room lights can be as decorative as you choose, and sculptural lighting can be a superb way to incorporate illumination into your interior design. Combining artwork and lighting in one piece ensures that decorative accessories can be showcased at their finest and enables you to illuminate the room in a discreet and stylish way.

The Cocoon Floor Lamp in Glass and Marble by Hommes Studio and the Pill Minimal Floor Lamp by Square in Circle are just two examples of stunning sculptural lights that can elevate a living space at any time of the day or night.

Cocoon Floor Lamp Glass & Marble by Hommes Studio

7. Cast a Glow with Different Materials

There are a wide variety of living rights to choose from, so don’t hold back when it comes to the materials you feature in your living room. Metals, such as brass, chrome and steel, can give a chic, polished finish, while glass and silk lampshades offer understated elegance. When you think outside the box and use enamel lights, recycled cardboard, or glass Murano leaves, you can create living room lighting designs that complement the décor perfectly.

Moon Pendant Lightshade Natural XSmall by Graypants

Experiment with Living Room Lighting

Whether you’re redecorating the space, or you simply want to update your living room, now is the ideal time to add new lighting. As winter approaches and the darker evenings draw in, we’ll be relying on indoor lighting much more frequently, so start experimenting with different fixtures and styles to find the right lighting solutions for your living room.