Luxury Cake Stands & Afternoon Tea Ideas

Afternoon tea can certainly be a decadent treat, but you don’t need to wait for a special occasion to entertain friends or indulge in a little luxury. With these inspiring tips, you can craft a luxurious afternoon tea at the drop of a hat. So, why wait? Read on to find out everything you need to know about enjoying the ultimate British indulgence.

Choosing Cake Stands and Servers

No afternoon tea is complete without spectacular stands and servers. When you choose a luxury cake stand as your centrepiece, it draws the eye and acts as a focal point. In doing so, it not only serves a functional purpose, but also complements your surroundings and completes your table design.

Of course, when you’re using a luxury cake stand as the centrepiece of your afternoon tea, you’ll need a stunning cake server to accompany it. Here, you’ll find our range of exquisite cake servers, which can be paired with our spectacular cake stands to create the ultimate luxury afternoon tea.

Cake Stand with Walnut top by Grace Souky

Tea Teapots and Afternoon Tea Tableware

If you’re hosting a spectacular afternoon tea, forget about serving hearty mugs of tea or coffee. When indulgence is the order of the day, the occasion demands a luxury tea or coffee pot. Whether you’re brewing Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Assam, or Espresso, you’ll want to ensure your tableware reflects the decadent nature of your afternoon tea.

Similarly, you can rely on opulent tablecloths, table linens, and party runners to set the tone for the event and echo the opulence of the event. While luxury and designer plates are essential for an afternoon tea, you can enhance your table design with accessories, like luxury napkins and napkin rings.

Entertaining Friends in the Afternoon

If you’re planning an afternoon tea, you’ll want to ensure you’ve got everything you need to provide your guests with a lavish experience. The menu should include sandwiches, scones, and light cakes. Smoked salmon or cucumber sandwiches are always popular at afternoon teas, although it’s vital to serve them sans crusts! When it comes to sweeter bites, classic scones with clotted cream and jam, as well as miniature eclairs, red velvet cupcakes, and macaroons are an excellent choice.

Remember – an afternoon tea should consist of light bites so that guests can enjoy a little bit of everything. You’ll want to serve dainty sandwiches, cakes, or pastries, rather than a wholesome lunch.

While many hosts spend a lot of time planning the savouries and sweets, it’s easy to overlook the finishing touches. However, it’s these extras, such as a luxury cake stand, that can elevate your event and take your afternoon tea to the next level.

What Drinks to Serve at an Afternoon Tea?

Tea is, of course, the drink of choice at such affairs, so be sure to have your teapot at the ready. Both Earl Grey, Assam, and Darjeeling are ideal teas for the afternoon, but you’ll need to decide whether to serve loose leaf tea or to prepare the beverage with tea bags. There’s no doubt that loose leaf tea is a little more refined, although you need a tea ball or strainer in order to serve it correctly.

Traditionally, sugar is placed into a teacup first, before the tea, and subsequently the milk. For guests who prefer to drink Earl Grey in a traditional way, a slice of lemon should also be added before the sugar, tea, or milk. It’s customary to invite guests to add their own accompaniments, while the host pours the tea from the pot, as this allows people to tailor their tea to their own personal preference.

At modern afternoon soirees, however, there’s more on offer than tea. While coffee should also be served, you may want to ensure you have chilled beverages on offer, should your guests enjoy them. A light cordial, coconut water or fresh juice can be the perfect accompaniment to a luxurious afternoon tea.

In addition to this, a good host always has a chilled bottle of champagne available when hosting an indulgent afternoon event. With a designer ice bucket and chic flutes, a glass of bubbly can be the ideal addition to your afternoon tea. 

Torta Cake Plate in 24K Gold by Anna New York

Torta Cake Server in 24K Gold by Anna New York

Attending a Luxury Afternoon Event

If you love the idea of attending an afternoon tea but the thought of hosting one is fraying your nerves, you can always do some reconnaissance first. Having afternoon tea at one of the country’s finest establishments will certainly ensure you’re well-equipped to host your own luxurious events.

If there’s one venue known for its afternoon teas, it’s The Ritz. Situated in the heart of London, this iconic Mayfair hotel is known around the world and is the perfect place to enjoy an indulgent afternoon treat. Served daily from 11.30am right up until 7.30pm, you can incorporate your luxury afternoon tea into a day of decadence and go shopping on Oxford Street, explore the Royal Palaces, or see a show at the West End.

Served in the Palm Court, afternoon tea at The Ritz is nothing if not luxurious. You’ll have 18 types of tea to choose from, including The Ritz Royal Blend, as well as champagne upon request. Surrounded      by sparkling chandeliers and stunning mirrors, and accompanied by the hotel’s resident harpist and pianist, a carefully curated event, hosted by Tea Sommelier, Giandomencio Scanu, is sure to delight.

Planning Your Afternoon Tea

Whether you intend to host an afternoon tea at home or you want to arrange to have tea at one of the country’s best hotels, the right planning will enhance your experience and add to the luxuriousness of the event.

From purchasing new afternoon cake stands and developing the menu to making a booking and arranging your travel, there is lots to consider if you want to plan a truly luxurious afternoon tea. Fortunately, The Design Buzz makes it easy to ensure you’ve got everything you need to host an indulgent afternoon event for your friends and family.