Luxury Kitchen Accessories You Must Have

As the most-used room in your home, your kitchen really is the pinnacle of your interior design. Despite the need for maximum functionality in a kitchen environment, function needn’t take precedence over form.

With the right styling and luxury kitchen accessories, you can make the heart of your home the epicentre of your home design too. To get started, take a look at these XX luxury kitchen accessories you can’t do without:

Stylish Kitchen Storage Ideas and Solutions      

If there’s one thing all homeowners have in common, it’s the need for more storage! Lack of storage can make your home much less user-friendly and increase the time it takes to complete daily chores. Furthermore, cluttered surfaces can affect the aesthetic of the room and interrupt the flow of your interior design.

Fortunately, stylish kitchen storage solutions ensure you can combine form and function seamlessly. While the right kitchen design will provide innovative solutions, you can increase the amount of storage you have available with freestanding furniture and luxury kitchen accessories.

In traditional kitchens, for example, a custom-built dresser can provide much-needed storage, maximise the amount of space available, and enhance your interior design. Similarly, a freestanding sideboard, like the Hommes StudioRosalia sideboard, can look fantastic in open-plan kitchens and increase the amount of storage space you have access to.

 Rosalia Sideboard Chromium By Hommes Studio

Trays, Platters,and Stands

Trays, platters, and stands aren’t just essential for special occasions; you’ll find they’re a necessity for day-to-day life too. When you’re serving afternoon tea, for example, luxury cake stands are the perfect addition to your tabletop. Similarly, decorative trays, like the Pinetti Thalia tray or the Grace Soukyserving board, are ideal for daily use.

Although trays and platters can be used when serving a meal or snacks, they can also be an effective way to add the finishing touches to your interior design. If you’re going to have some accessories or storage items on show, placing them atop a designer tray integrates them into your design.

When you add Kam Ce Kam Namakstorage boxes to a luxury designer tray, for example, it increases the functionality of your kitchen and provides extra storage solutions, while complementing your kitchen design.

Torta Cake Plate 24k Gold By Anna New York


If you’re looking for luxury kitchen accessories ideas, tableware is always a good place to start. It’s easy to overlook the importance of tableware, particularly when you’re designing an entire kitchen. However, it’s these seemingly small additions that can elevate your style and complete your design. What’s more – tableware is something you’ll be using every day, so it’s important to ensure your chosen designs fulfil your artistic vision.

Both the luxuryVoyagedining plates and the Realachdinnerwareset from the ACH Collection are perfect for day-to-day use or special occasions, particularly if you want to opt for a simple and understated design. Alternatively, the Balance dinnerware set is ideal if you want to make more of a statement with your tablescapes.

Of course, dinnerware isn’t the only tabletop accessory you need to consider when designing a luxury kitchen. You’ll also want to ensure that your teapots, coffee pots, mugs, cups, and saucers are an integral part of your design too. When you select a simple yet striking design, such as the Reflect and Superstripe ranges by Richard Brendon, you can enhance any interior design.  

 Voyage Set of 4 Canape Plates By ACH Collection


As you might expect, glassware is something that’s going to be used frequently in your home, so combining form and function is essential. Whether you’re starting the day with a glass of hot water and lemon or serving champagne before dinner, it’s important to have the right glassware to hand.

When you choose exquisite designs, like the Richard Brendon fluted tumblers,diamond highball glassesor water carafe, you can be sure that your glassware will epitomise luxury kitchen accessories. Similarly, selecting luxury barware and bar tools will complete your kitchen design.

 Double Old Fashioned Tumbler - Fluted By Richard Brendon


Lighting is an important component in every room, but it’s particularly critical in a kitchen environment. Here, you’ll want to ensure that the lighting you choose provides adequate visibility for all tasks. Whether you’re preparing a complex recipe or helping children with their homework at the kitchen table, overhead lights should be bright enough to deliver maximum functionality.

However, softer, more atmospheric lighting should come into play when you’re sitting down to dinner or enjoying a cup of tea with friends. To ensure you have a range of options, opt for layered lighting that can be adjusted to suit multiple uses.

With a statement tabletop lamp, like the Avocado table lamp from the ACH Collection, or theQueen Heart wall lamp by Royal Stranger, you can increase the functionality of your kitchen while elevating its design.

Queen Heart Wall Lamp By Royal Stranger

Creating a Luxury Kitchen

There’s no doubt that the kitchen is the heart of the home, which is why it requires an innovative design approach. No matter what size your kitchen is, the right design can ensure it meets your needs and satisfies your inner designer.

When it comes to creating a luxury kitchen, be sure to think about how you want to use the space. As well as preparing meals, you might use an open plan kitchen as a dining space too or even as somewhere for your kids to play. If so, your kitchen design will need to reflect this multi-functional purpose and lend itself to multiple uses.

Similarly, you’ll want to consider whether your preferred kitchen designs can evolve with you and your family. If the way you use your kitchen changes, you can update your luxury kitchen accessories accordingly to maximise the functionality of the space. Furthermore, incorporating the latest luxury kitchen accessories ideas into your home will ensure you can stay on-trend and experiment with the newest designs.

Whether you’re incorporating more stylish kitchen storage, renovating the space entirely, or simply adding the finishing touches to your existing design, choosing the right luxury kitchen accessories can really transform the environment and transform any kitchen into a decadent and inspiring space.