Luxury Nursery Room Ideas

When you’re awaiting a new arrival, designing a luxury nursery is the perfect way to prepare for the future. You’ll want to do everything you can to ensure your home is ready for a new baby and creating a fully equipped nursery will certainly stand you in good stead.

Like the rest of your home, a luxury nursery can combine functionality with style. By using interior design to plan the furnishings and décor, you can transform a spare room or study into a calming and soothing environment for your newborn baby. To get started, take a look at these top luxury nursery room ideas now:

1. Choose a Neutral Base

The days of baby pinks and blues for nurseries are well and truly over, so don’t feel compelled to recreate a trend that’s well out of fashion. Instead, select a neutral base that will deliver a calm and tranquil environment for both baby and parents.

Many people assume that neutral colours will inevitably feel drab or cold, but they certainly don’t have to. By choosing a neutral shade, such as cream, oatmeal, or sand, with warm undertones, you can ensure that your luxury nursery is comforting and tranquil.

Using a neutral base gives you the opportunity to incorporate accent colours into your design too, if you choose to, but it also maximises flexibility. If you want to use your nursery as a playroom as your child grows, for example, a neutral base will make it easy to update the décor without needing to redecorate on a regular basis.

Queen Heart Wall Lamp by Royal Stranger

2. Selecting a Cot or Cradle

If you’re already a parent, you might be familiar with essential nursery furniture. If you’re a first-time mum or dad, however, there’s a whole lot to learn! While a love of interior design might mean you can tell the difference between a console table and a chic sideboard at a glance, there’s a whole world of nursery furniture that you’ll need to explore if you want to make sure you’re properly equipped.

Perhaps the most important piece of nursery furniture to consider is the cot or cradle. Choosing a cradle that delivers optimum comfort and safety will give you peace of mind and help your baby to sleep at night. The Prince Santi Rocking Cradle by Royal Stranger is a perfect example of essential nursery furniture that combines comfort, safety, and style. Available in soft green, pink, or black and featuring a gold leaf base and fluffy upholstery fabric, it’s a baby rocking cradle that’s in keeping with any interior design style and acts as a great focal point in a luxury nursery.

What’s more – you’ll find it easy to update your nursery as your child grows with the Prince Santi Bed, also by Royal Stranger. Perfect for tots and toddlers, you can ensure that your nursery design offers longevity when you choose a range that offers a variety of options for your baby as he or she gets older.

Prince Santi Rocking Cradle by Royal Stranger

3. Invest in Essentials

Once you’ve selected a cot or cradle, you’ll be able to think about the other types of furniture you’ll need in your luxury nursery. Babies require a lot of equipment, so copious amounts of storage are essential in a nursery! To ensure you’ve got the storage space you’ll need, choose furniture that offers both style and functionality.

A chest of drawers, changing table, and wardrobe are all essentials that should be situated well before your baby arrives. Additionally, make sure to choose a comfortable chair or two that parents can use while soothing the baby. With fur and velvet detailing, the Max Armchair by Hommes Studio features fluffy upholstery fabric that will ensure complete comfort for you as you settle your little one or put them down to sleep. Alternatively, opt for a luxury sofa, like the Lunarys Boucle Upholstered Sofa by Hommes Studio, which encompasses contemporary styling with neutral colours and maximum comfort.

Lunarys Sofa Boucle Upholstered by Hommes Studio

4. Choose a Theme

When it comes to styling a nursery, it is useful to have a theme in mind. This can bring your ideas together and help you to create a holistic and cohesive design for your child’s nursery. While many parents opt for child-friendly themes, such as animals or shapes, you needn’t choose a style that’s so overtly focused on youngsters. Instead, you can use interior design themes to create a functional, versatile, and stylish space that can be enhanced with child-friendly accessories as your baby develops.

With contemporary styling, for example, you’ll benefit from the clean lines and minimalist feel of a spacious nursery, while more traditional themes will allow you to incorporate more décor and more impactful furniture into the room.

Prince Santi Rocking Cradle by Royal Stranger

5. Focus on Lighting

Lighting is an important part of any room, but you’ll want to ensure you get it right in your child’s nursery. Avoid lighting that’s too bright, as this could harm your baby’s delicate eyes, but ensure you have sufficient light to enhance the functionality of the room. Using a variety of different lights to create a layered effect can be ideal in a nursery environment. A floor or desk lamp will allow you to partially illuminate the room while you’re putting your baby to bed, without bright lights waking them up.

Similarly, make sure you add blackout fabric to window treatments so that you can block out natural light when necessary. It can stay light outside until 9pm or 10pm at night in the summer and your baby will (hopefully!) be sound asleep long before then. By adding blackout fabric to blinds or curtains, you can ensure your baby establishes a solid sleep routine from the get-go.

Lightrain Ceiling Lamp by Royal Stranger

Designing a Luxury Nursery

Although there is a lot to consider when you’re designing a luxury nursery, creating a new room for your baby is an exciting process. By focusing on what you and the baby will need and then finding ways to incorporate your preferred style into the space, you’ll find designing a luxury nursery easy and enjoyable.