Mood lighting ideas for your home

As the days become shorter and the nights longer, we are increasingly turning to artificial ways to keep our homes lit with artificial lighting. While this isn’t the same as sunlight, well placed lighting can make a huge difference. Hours and hours of darkness can really affect our moods, but with clever lighting and well-placed table lamps, floor standing lights or dimmable wall lights, you can transform the mood in any room in your home. Lighting is something that many of us never even think about, but just a subtle change can make a big difference. Lighting can be styled in many different ways; such as creating a relaxing atmosphere, an environment that will increase productivity or to create a visual piece of art.

Lighting for Working from Home

We are all spending more time working from home and as our work sometimes stretches into the evening, we need to keep our workstations well lit to avoid eye strain. Lights for work shouldn’t be too bright, yet bright enough to avoid eye strain. You can mix and match the lighting in your office and around your desk. Corner lamps or desk lamps are great so too are wall lights if you need some extra brightness. What’s most important is to choose lighting that mirrors daylight. The right lighting should create the perfect environment for studying, reading, or working on a computer screen.

Marshmallow Table Lamp by Royal Stranger

Visual Comfort Lighting

Light is one of the best ways to create a warm, welcoming and cosy living space. No one wants to sit in a room that’s brightly lit with harsh lighting to relax, so soft table lamps either placed on a table or wall lights can work well. You can also buy novelty lights that project images onto the wall which provide an ambient mood to the room, creating a sense of fun.

Contemporary Lighting

If you are looking for a contemporary style of lighting for your home, you can use things such as glass shades, perhaps a large contemporary ceiling light or smaller lights in different colours. There are lots of combinations that you can use to create a contemporary feel.


Bedroom Lighting

Many people have a bedtime routine to help unwind from the day and transition into a more restful state. The right lighting will set the mood and help you on your way to a good nights rest. Low level lighting can help to make the change from the brighter lights in the rest of the house to something more subtle. A well placed table lamp on your bedside cabinet that gives out just enough light to catch up on some reading before sleep can be complemented by dimmable wall or ceiling lights that are set low enough so you can find your way around the room. 

Avocado Table Lamp by ACH Collection

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Main image: Lightrain ceiling gLamp by Royal Stranger