Interview With Waks Candles

On this fun episode of The Buzz, Charles Stephenson chats with the WAKS Candles team. They talk about their unique brand and the luxurious candles and diffusers they sell. Plus, they also discuss the lovely Greek weather and lifestyle that helped motivate them to create these home accessories.

Founded in 2005 in Greece, this family business was inspired by the delicious fragrances—like bergamot, mandarin, and jasmine—experienced throughout Athens. But the city also showcases a combination of ancient and modern styles that have helped WAKS come up with attractive designs for their vessels, making these products an elegant addition to any home. 

Embodying the beauty and scents found in different regions throughout Greece, WAKS candles are sure to transport you to faraway places. And if you’ve ever been to Greece, you’ll likely discover that these products evoke memories of the time you spent there. The team discusses the powerful effects that fragrances can have on a person, and they dive into the qualities of one of their extraordinary and best-selling scents: sea salt. This refreshing fragrance is reminiscent of being near the sea in Greece, and it captures the essence of this popular travel destination.   

The WAKS team also talks about the process that goes into creating their products, from the vessels that hold the candles to the natural blend and 100% cotton wick that help ensure burning quality and time. Then, after sharing some of their future plans for the business, and their goals of adding even more scents to their collection, they dive into some of their current favorites.   

If you’re tired of the same old candles and diffusers that lack style and quality, check out the WAKS Candles collection, which features myriad designs and fragrances that are sure to enhance the look, and smell, of your home! You can view and purchase these products here on The Design Buzz.