Tea Pot Designs

Whatever your age, there’s a good chance you’ve been drinking tea for as long as you can remember. It’s become a staple in British culture over time, although it was consumed in China and the East for centuries before it came to Europe.

Once reserved for the aristocracy due to the high costs associated with importing it, tea quickly became a popular option for everyone when the global trade became faster and more cost-effective as new ships were built and new railways launched.

Whether you’re enjoying a cup of Earl Grey in the morning, the cleansing taste of green tea or a mug of super-strength ‘builder’s tea’, the variation in leaves and flavours means that there’s a tea to suit everyone’s taste!

What Is a Tea Ritual?

It was during the Han Dynasty in China that tea rituals first came about, and, in this era, tea was accompanied by a formal ceremony. While tea rituals may have evolved over time, they have always centred on nurturing the body and soul, as well as purifying the mind, adding peace and authenticity, and teaching more about tea culture. It’s also believed that your actions during a tea ritual can reveal a lot about your personality, from your manners to your creativity.

In addition to this, the tea pot designs, and tea pot sets used to prepare the drink have long been an important part of the ritual itself. As tea ceremonies became increasingly popular around the world, a wider variety of designs and styles were used to create increasingly ornate and decorative tea pots.

While the Kung Fu tea ceremony, which involves spilling water, to the Sichuan tea ritual ceremony, which involves pouring tea from a 1.2 metre copper pot without spilling a drop, might require be a little too intensive for your daily cup of char, tea rituals are enjoying something of a renaissance in the UK.

Creating Your Own Tea Ritual

Although there are plenty of tea rituals out there for you to follow, you can create your own ritual, if you choose to. Many people believe that adding a ritualistic element to your teamaking allows you to incorporate mindfulness into your day-to-day activities and encourages you to prioritise health and wellness as you take a few moments away from your busy schedule.

To develop your own tea ritual, choose a time of day that allows you to immerse yourself in the process of teamaking for 10-15 minutes. Then, select the equipment that’s going to become an integral part of your ritual. From teapots and cups to infusers and strainers, there are endless additions you can incorporate into your teamaking.

Practice brewing your favourite tea, experimenting with timings and temperatures to create a warming drink that’s well-suited to your taste. Begin by focusing on the task at hand and allow yourself to be absorbed by the act of boiling the water, brewing the tea leaves, or pouring the tea into the cup. As you wait for your tea to cool slightly and while you’re drinking your tea, use this time to meditate, be mindful, or practice visualisation techniques that promote well-being and wellness.

Finding the Perfect Teapot

The tea rituals and ceremonies that were first developed centuries ago have always relied heavily on using the right equipment. Not only can the right teapot and cups affect the flavour of your tea, but they can also enhance the positive impact of the ritual itself. To help you find the perfect equipment for your own tea ritual, take a look at our top teapot picks:

1. Exquisite Teapot

The Exquisite Collection by 1882 Ltd combines art and history and makes the ideal base for your daily tea ritual. Inspired by the traditional ‘Game of Chance, twelve designers have collaborated to create this textured earthenware teapot and collection of mugs.

The varying textures present on the Exquisite teapot and accompanying minds complements the art of mindfulness, which involves focusing on what you are experiencing in the present moment via the senses of sight, taste, smell, sound, and touch. As you prepare your tea, the Exquisite teapot will encourage you to embrace the moment and draw you into the present.

Exquisite Teapot in Earthenware by 1882 LTD

2. Superstripe Medium China Teapot

Whether you’re making yourself a cuppa or inviting someone to partake in your tea ritual, the Superstripe Medium China Teapot by Richard Brendon is sure to bring a smile to your face. Designed in collaboration with PATTERNITY, the Superstripe collection is hand-crafted in the UK by talented artisans and features a decorative deep blue stripe and with gold adornments.

Inspired by more than two centuries of culture, you can pay homage to history as you enjoy a restorative tea in matching Superstripe mugs. At 660ml, the Superstripe Medium China Teapot is ideal for preparing one or two cups of tea, which makes it the perfect choice for a daily tea ritual.

Superstripe Medium China Teapot by Richard Brendon

3. Linh Mouth Blown Teapot

Crafted from transparent mouth blown glass, the Linh Mouth Blown Teapot from Casarialto is as unique as it is intriguing. An intricate coloured glass flower resides inside the teapot, with a simple yet stylish coloured glass leaf sitting atop the cover.

As well as being a spectacular addition to your home, the Linh Mouth Blown Teapot is sure to elevate any tea ritual. While you heat the water and watch the tea steep via the transparent glass, you can enjoy the art of teamaking in the same way that people have done for centuries.

Linh Mouth Blown Teapot by Casarialto

Make Tea Rituals Part of Your Routine

When you have the right equipment to hand, making tea rituals part of your day-to-day routine is easier than you think. Indeed, many of us already subconsciously employ our very own tea rituals when we make a mug of tea in the mornings or enjoy a cup of tea mid-afternoon. By embracing new tea pot designs and sets, you can take things a step further and reap the benefits that are associated with the ancient art of tea rituals and ceremonies.