Nicola Burt Top 10 Design Favourites

At The Design Buzz, we enjoy learning about the world’s top designers, so we asked some of them to browse our shop and find their favourite products.

This video features Nicola Burt, who founded Nicola Burt Interior Design. It’s fun to see which items she chose for her top 10 list, and why. And we’ve included links to all of the products below so you can click through to learn more.

1. Glacier Double Old Fashioned - Nicola loves this votive candleholder because it’s made of glass and features a beautiful orange colour.

2. Agni Tray and Brass Chalice Set - Because of its uniquely beautiful design, Nicola would have a lot of fun using this as a centerpiece when entertaining.   

3. Mini Puntero Table Clock -  This clock caught Nicola’s eye because it’s elegant, beautiful, timeless, and practical.

4. Lunarys Center Table Travertine - According to Nicola, you can use this coffee table to add interest and warmth to a variety of spaces.

5. Sphere & Cut Circle Light - Nicola considers lighting the “earrings” of a space, and she loves the understated elegance of this striking piece. 

6. Ajui Sofa Velvet Upholstered - Nicola describes this as a “showstopping piece” because of its one-of-a-kind design.  

7. Mausam Designer Desk Ash & Marble - If you work from home, Nicola recommends using this desk, with its handy hidden drawer.    

8. Namak Storage Boxes in Ash or Marble -  These containers look lovely when they’re stacked, and Nicole loves that they’re attractive and practical. 

9. Perugia - Terracotta - Nicola had to add this rug to her list because of its pattern and colour.

10. Big Parade Tall - This mirror is perfect for making a bold statement, so Nicola couldn’t resist it.   

Are you interested in buying some of these items for yourself or a loved one? Perhaps you want to see what else we have in stock? Either way, go to The Design Buzz to start shopping!