Organic & Sustainable Fabrics for Autumn

As we welcome a new season, it’s time to update our interior to reflect the changing environment. From a roaring open fire to rich, inviting scents, there are a variety of ways to get your home ready for autumn. However, it’s the fabrics you choose that can have the biggest impact on your autumn interior design.

Why Is Fabric a Core Component of Interior Design?

The colour and style of fabric can complement the design of a room and bring distinct pieces together to create a holistic interior. From burnt orange and russet to forest green and ochre, there are numerous shades that embody autumn and can transform your home into a welcoming idyll throughout the season. However, it isn’t just its colour and pattern that makes fabric a core component of interior design.

Texture plays a critical role in any design, both in terms of its aesthetic and its functionality. In the same way that rustic timber and craggy stone enhance the visual texture of a room, a soft cashmere blanket or a luxurious camel hair throw can do the same.

By adding fabrics and texture to a room, you enrich the space and turn it from a one-dimensional aesthetic into a more tactile, three-dimensional environment. What’s more – fabrics are easy to move and change, which means you can consistently update your interior design to keep it feeling fresh and in keeping with the season.

With endless options to consider and a variety of materials, choosing the right fabrics for your home can be a challenge. Fortunately, opting for organic fabrics makes it easy to ensure that your home is filled with sustainable and stylish textures all year round.

Coral Braided Throw by Ambar Living

Why Choose Organic Fabrics?

Organic fabric is grown or cultivated using sustainable methods, which means they don’t cause damage to the environment. In the case of organic cotton, for example, enhanced soil quality means less water is used to grow cotton plants and less energy is used to harvest the crop, which equates to fewer greenhouse gases being emitted. When raw materials are sourced from animals, organic farming practices mean livestock are treated better and fed premium quality food, as well as being tended to via sustainable methods.

Additionally, organic fabrics are created using sustainable manufacturing methods. With no harsh chemicals or pesticides being used, there are clear environmental benefits associated with organic fabrics, but there are also benefits for you and your family. When you’re snuggled under a warm throw or sleeping on a cool, cotton pillowcase, you’ll know that you aren’t exposing your skin or your respiratory system to potentially harmful chemicals if you choose an organic fabric.

Furthermore, only the most durable textiles are chosen to create organic fabrics, as they aren’t strengthened using chemical processes. Due to this, you can be confident that home accessories crafted with organic fabrics will be long-lasting and resilient.

Shell Crinkle Cotton Throw - Large by Claire Gaudion

Enhancing Your Autumn Interior Design with Organic Fabrics

With so many benefits associated with organic fabrics, it’s easy to see why so many designers and homeowners are committed to using these sustainable materials. In fact, you’ll find an ever-increasing range of exquisite organic rugs, sustainable throws, and natural linen on the market. To find out which organic fabrics can elevate your autumn interior design this season, take a look at these top choices now:

1. Wool

Soft, sustainable, and snuggle, wool is the perfect choice for both autumn and winter. When you want to keep your home warm and inviting throughout the colder seasons, wool accessories are the ideal option.

The playful and contemporary Albecq Rug by Claire Gaudion is an excellent example of sustainable rugs that enhance the aesthetic while adding an eco-friendly vibe to your home. Made with 100% NZ wool, it’s warm underfoot, effortless durable, hypoallergenic, and stain-resistant. In addition to this, the Albecq Rug is hand-made by talented artisans and crafted using Azo-free, non-toxic dyes, so you can be confident that it’s a great addition to playrooms, bedrooms, and living spaces.

Albecq Rug 100% NZ wool by Claire Gaudion

2. Cashmere

Add a touch of unadulterated luxury to your home this season with cashmere fabrics to keep you warm throughout autumn. From the Mongolian Navy Striped Cashmere Blanket by Saved NY to the Intreccio Throw by Claudia Barbari, a cashmere throw or blanket is the ideal addition to a bed, sofa, or armchair in autumn. Adding both texture and functional warmth to the space, the super-soft feel of cashmere will transform your autumn interior design into something you’ll want to enjoy throughout the entire year.

But why stop there? Given its luxurious properties, cashmere can be found in a variety of home accessories. Whether it’s the White and Blue Constellation Cashmere Cushion by Saved NY or the Legere Cashmere Dressing Gown in Soft Grey by Oyuna, cashmere is a must-have fabric for your home this autumn.

Intreccio Throw by Claudia Barbari

3. Camel Hair

With natural insulating properties, sustainably sourced camel hair is a perfect fabric for autumn and winter. When you want to hibernate at home and listen to the rain pounding against the windows, you’ll need a blanket or throw to keep you toasty and the Red and Undyed Camelhair Blanket by Saved NY fits the bill perfectly. Made from 60% cashmere and 40% baby camel hair, it exudes comfort and softness, while its exquisite design and handmade properties make it the ideal addition to your autumn interior design.

Red & Undyed Camelhair Blanket by Saved NY

Adding Texture to Autumn Interior Designs

Texture should be an essential part of any interior design, but it certainly comes to the fore in autumn. As the seasons change and we experience a range of temperatures, from seemingly balmy summer evenings to cold and blustery days, layering fabrics ensures you can stay cool or warm up, as needed.

With unparalleled quality and durability, the handmade and luxury fabrics available at The Design Buzz are all crafted using sustainable methods, often using techniques that date back centuries. Whether you want to enhance your autumn interior design with organic rugs, sustainable blankets, or super-soft cushions, our range of textiles offers a varied and eclectic range of styles.