Priya Parekh's Top 10 Design Favourites

To discover what inspires some of the most talented designers from around the world, we invited them to check out The Design Buzz shop and select the products they love most.  

In this video, we showcase the selections made by Priya Parekh, who works as a senior interior designer at Shalini Misra Ltd., a London-based studio that’s renowned for their unique approach to styling interior and exterior spaces.

Priya put together a list of her 10 favourites, and we’re excited to share them with you!

If you want to get your hands on any of the products displayed in this video, click the corresponding link below to go to the item’s page, learn more about it, and easily place your order. 

1. Geometric Candleholder by Casariato - Priya would use this gorgeously designed candleholder to easily dress up a dining room table.  

2. Gaga Leather & Fabric Cushion by ACH Collection - Priya was drawn to the edgy design of this decorative cushion.

3. Oklahoma Tray -  With its striking appearance, Priya thinks this is a perfect choice when decorating for house parties.

4. Rope Double Old Fashioned - This attractive glassware can make a perfect gift when shopping for a man, according to Priya.

5. Bambi Stools Set Medium Suede Top - This set of stools caught Priya’s attention because you can use them to add seating without the need for heavy furniture. 

6. Aaram Shelves - Cane is one of Priya’s favourite materials, so she couldn’t resist these shelves, which are both functional and eye-catching.

7. Balance  - Priya was drawn to the elegant design of this floor lamp, which she finds ideal for brightening up any space. 

8. Dolphin T-Shirt - A fan of all things sustainable, Priya made sure to add this comfortable, ethically made T-shirt to her top 10 list.

9. Maria Wall Lamp - Because she adores the combination of black and white, Priya had to add this extraordinary wall lamp to her list. 

10. Lunette Design Oval Table & Brass Base - Priya simply loves everything about this metal and marble table.

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